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Researchers At Yale University Discovers An Analog that Can Be Used As a Chemo Drug

In an interesting discovery, researchers at Yale University discovered a new analog that could be used as a drug in chemo treatments for some diseases.

Cancer treatment is a field that encounters a continuous disruption. The latest is the discovery of an analog that is also used as a chemo drug.

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The analog, namely temozolomide, is perfect to be used as a drug for chemotherapy treatments for some tumors like glioma.

Giving further clarity on the issue, researchers say glioblastoma is a common type of tumor among humans and is very disastrous. Statistics are quite serious, which say only about 5 percent of infected patients survive for more than five years once the condition is diagnosed. 

The details of the research and discovery are available in the ‘Science’ Journal. The report also throws light on how it should be used in the treatment and its proposed effect. 

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Treatment involves chemotherapy. However, the available treatments are mostly intended to extend an infected person’s life. Current efforts that led to the new discovery have led to a new version of temozolomide, which, according to what researchers say, is more effective at killing the tumor cells than the conventional version.

Here is more information on what makes the drug different from its earlier versions. Researchers have added a new interstrand crosslinking agent. What happens here is that it can create links between DNA strands.

The TMZ treatment focuses on developing DNA lesions that make cells self-destruct cancer cells while healthy brain cells survive by self-healing. 

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