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Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Will be A Hot Medical Trend in 2022

RPM or remote patient monitoring is all about making medical facilities available as much as possible so that distances won’t matter. The emergence of RPM has been relatively recent, and the last two years have been highly significant for RPM.

The covid-19 hit years were incredibly challenging for the medical industry as people were supposed to be indoors to curtail the rapid spread of the coronavirus. Besides a totally new situation to tackle, medical experts faced the dilemma of extending quality medical care across places without physical presence.

This is where RPM became significant as it extended several advantages. For example, the immediate outcomes of RPM included improved patient outcomes, faster response, and significant cost reduction in the near or distant future.

Initially, as RPM rose to prominence, there were apprehensions about whether RPM medical care will be covered by insurance? However, legislative changes have made medical care received through RPM applicable to insurance.

Although it rose to prominence in recent times, RPM is hardly new. If you look at its history, it has been present since the 1960s. 

Although the world now faces a better situation concerning covid-19, the RPM is becoming prominent as the medical world is now aware of its practical applicability in day-to-day life.

As per in-depth research conducted by Insider Intelligence, by the year 2024, RPM services and tools will be worth about 30 million U.S patients.

Before the corona pandemic hit the world, most patients were apparently not comfortable with taking remote care and preferred connected medical services. However, the pandemic has brought in several, and RPM is one among them. 

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