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Top 10 Pediatrics Solution Providers 2023

Recently, there has been a greater emphasis on issues affecting children and improving their health. Children are being acknowledged not simply for who they are but also for their future responsibilities. Children who are healthy are more likely to grow up to be healthy adults. Positive early experiences lay the groundwork for children to develop the roust brain architecture, which supports a wide range of abilities and learning capacities throughout their lives.

“More than 20 million children in the United States continue to lack adequate access to essential health care,” says a 2016 report from the Children’s Health Fund. Fast forward to the present, the scenario is not entirely different. Child Health still has room for further improvement. Also, child health is a field that is constantly witnessing technological progress. The industry is a unique mix of opportunities and challenges. This edition tends to take a deeper insight into the latest trends in child health. Also, we have included a list of top performers in the child health solution providers industry.

Towards 2028, the market for pediatric healthcare is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.35 percent. Due to the drop in pediatric services during the pandemic, COVID-19 substantially influenced the market for pediatric healthcare. For instance, the pandemic and public health restrictions have affected children’s health and emotional well-being, worsened by the challenges in accessing primary and community care.

The prevalence of illnesses, viral infections, and malnutrition cases is on the rise every year, and these causes are primarily responsible for the expansion of the pediatric healthcare industry. Also, timely and effective government initiatives are another favorable factor for the sector. Pediatric solution providers are growing by the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities. Here is a well-selected list of healthcare solution providers for you to choose from.

Epic Solutions comprises highly specialized healthcare professionals committed to children, young people, and adults’ health and well-being. Besides learning disabilities and mental health, Epic solutions focuses on elderly care as well.

Oracle acquired Cerner in 2022. Paediatrics is a critical area of focus for the firm. A comprehensive, integrated pediatric electronic health record (EHR) is provided by Cerner to the care team.

Brightline provides behavioral healthcare services for children and their families. The firm’s child and adolescent therapists and psychiatrists have years of experience and are licensed mental health experts.

A pediatric-focused urgent care center built by Brave Care aims to benefit businesses and prevent them from shelling out thousands of dollars for ER visits. The clinics are conveniently located and includes on-site labs, pharmacies, over-the-counter medicines, and so on.

U. S Based children’s mental health firm has developed an app focusing on pediatric mental health. The firm extends a family – oriented approach to ensuring kids’ mental health.

Creche Innovations is a medical device business with headquarters in Stilwell, Kansas. The firm extends specialized attention to pediatrics. The firm has been in the business for over ten years.

Huckleberry works with pediatric sleep specialists and AI to provide a personalized sleep regimen. Innovative ways are incorporated into fixing a healthy sleep regimen.

Speech therapy, occupational therapy, and mental health treatments are DotCom Therapy’s areas of expertise. Besides, the firm provides holistic mental health support, IEP-related services and occupational therapy

CureMD is a leading provider of innovative health information systems and services for healthcare RCM organizations of all sizes. Pediatricians who want to treat their patients like kids instead of “little adults” will find CureMD All-in-One Pediatrics EHR to be the ideal option.

As the top worldwide supplier of emergency care solutions, Ferno has utilized years of expertise to create products that will revolutionize the provision of emergency care.