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Top 10 Patient Monitoring Solution Providers 2023


The popularity and demand for patient monitoring solutions were a constant feature of the healthcare industry. However, their significance became more apparent during the days of the pandemic. The remote patient monitoring solutions were instrumental in enabling the industry to overcome the ill effects of the coronavirus.

Apps, Bluetooth gadgets, and wearable monitors have grown in popularity as a way for people to communicate with their doctors and manage their health. Remote monitoring reduces access barriers by delivering treatment to patients when needed. It can connect patients with specialists they would not otherwise have access to and reach patients in remote places. It’s a terrific approach to lessen scheduling conflicts as well. Patients who use RPM can avoid going to a hospital or clinic, where they risk getting sick. The risk of unnecessary exposure is eliminated by preventing in-person visits.

By 2024, it is predicted that 30 million Americans will be using tools for remote patient monitoring. Since everyone has a mobile device, remote patient monitoring is practical and efficient, putting people in charge of their health. The patient monitoring solutions industry is evolving, and we constantly strive to be at the forefront of the industry’s latest happenings, challenges, and trends. As a result, our expert team has finalized a list of 10 cardio technology solution providers for you to choose from.

InfoBonic was incepted about a decade ago and is focused on enabling the only highly advanced remote cardiology platform to the medical world. The hospitalgrade telemetry solutions will be equipped with the ability to function as a completely-tailored solution for patient requirements and clinical use cases.

Kencor supports patient navigators with “Technology powered by Innovation,” which directly affects the patient experience. Through the Kencor Health Ecosystem, this enables all medical personnel to focus more of their time on patient care and increases the efficiency of their workflow.

Withings features among the top players in the connected health technology space. The firm began in 2008 and currently encompasses a massive portfolio of devices, including hybrid watches, connected scales, blood pressure monitors, sleep trackers, and so on. The Withings Health Solutions, which began in 2019, is oriented towards making digital health a less complicated task.

Athelas is offering straightforward, game-changing medical products to individuals all throughout the world.

By enabling care professionals to monitor multiple vital signs continually, Vitls’s ground-breaking vital signs monitor can significantly improve the identification of deterioration, reduce hospital stays, lower treatment costs, and raise patient satisfaction ratings.

The New York, NY-based AMC Health extends remote patient monitoring solutions on Diabetes, Hypertension, CAD, Heart Failure, Wound Management, high-risk pregnancies, and so on.

Keva Health extends remote patient monitoring solutions. The Keva365 by the firm is a critical disease management solution that assists with treatment pathway decisions for patients. In addition, the Keva365 generates reports that can fuel additional revenues. The customizable workflows empower increased reimbursement potential.

VRI is an Ohio-headquartered company with a keen focus on assisting seniors living independently, safely, and comfortably. The firm’s offerings include VRI Mobile care medical alert system, VRI Careconnect vitals monitoring, and VRI Medconnect mobile medication monitoring. Medical experts can leverage these solutions to constantly assess the daily vitals of patients suffering from chronic illnesses, including diabetes, hypertension, asthma, COPD, and congestive heart failure.

The Plano, TX-based firm enables healthcare providers to transform their medical practices and ensure radical changes in the healthcare industry are analyzed and followed while using the remote Patient Monitoring offerings by HealthViewX. Besides, its users have been able to increase patient outcomes and drive more revenue.

Forward Health has its headquarters in the U.S. It is an innovative clinic network dedicated to long-term patient relationships and desirable outcomes. Medical experts have been leveraging its tools, such as app-based care, predictive risk scoring, and remote biometrics monitoring.