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Top 10 Patient Engagement Solution Providers 2022

The Patient Solutions Engagement Industry Is Expanding Beyond Predictions

The worldwide patient engagement solutions market is undergoing exceptional growth. The statistics look promising. The worldwide patient engagement solutions market will see a robust CAGR of 20.93%. As of 2021, the sector was worth about $13.42 bn. Toward 2023, $74.28 bn was the expected value. Patient participation comprises assisting patients in making informed health decisions for themselves. Patients engage in positive behavior, such as self-management of their health and treatment. North America was the leader in terms of revenue share. Patient engagement solutions will help alleviate healthcare gaps. Virtual communication with medical professionals enables professional medical care possible.

Automation is brought in. Besides the direct benefits for patients, there is increased revenue and enhanced comfort for patients at different stages, including scheduling, billing, and treatment. The probable expenditure due to the lack of patients is compensated with patient engagement solutions. This edition is for those interested in staying at the forefront of the latest trends in patient engagement solution providers. We are aware of the abundance of patient engagement solutions in the market. The process of choosing the right solution can easily be a cumbersome task. To help you assist in the task, we have compiled a list of the top 10 solution providers in the patient engagement solution industry.

The direction of engagement trends is toward empowering the patient to freely manage, monitor, and care for their health. As a result, there are more and more digital tools available for patients to use to learn about different disorders, early signs, available treatments, and recovery. Healthcare professionals can encourage patients to participate more actively in their treatment as they become more informed. The interest in patient engagement solutions is expected to continue in the immediate future. Realizing this, we have compiled a list of the top 10 patient engagement solution providers to help gain insights into the latest trends in patient engagement.

Patient Engagement Solutions from MCKESSON CORPORATION offer dependable and adaptable online solutions for high-quality patient care. Through its services, patients may securely maintain their medical information, communicate with clinicians, and contact healthcare specialists with ease.

Solutionreach, Inc., a U.S.-based company, seeks to modernize, personalize, and make communication more successful in the healthcare industry. Today, the business serves more than 25,000 clients and sends more than one billion messages annually to 80 million patients throughout the United States.

OhMD is a messaging and telehealth gateway that complies with HIPAA regulations and improves patient experience by facilitating seamless team and patient contact. Organizations may easily create a pleasant and effective patient experience thanks to OhMD, which dramatically reduces their need for time and resources.

Luma Health, a San Francisco-based software firm, works hard toward improving connections between patients and the appropriate healthcare providers. The firm was founded on the principle that patients should have a simple way to get in touch with their healthcare provider using a mobile-first strategy.

For hospitals, health systems, and medical organizations, Cedar is a platform for accepting payments from patients and promoting patient participation. With the use of multi-party connectors, Cedar’s platform enhances the healthcare experience for everyone involved in the ecosystem, from payers and providers to the patients they serve.

Weave integrates elements like messaging, phone call, fax, and reviews to make consumer communication easier for businesses. Weave focuses on dental, optometry, medicine and veterinary care.

Epion is dedicated to changing the way healthcare is delivered and is completely focused on offering cutting edge digital access solutions that enhance clinical and financial outcomes. As a dependable partner to healthcare organizations, Epion promotes value-based care objectives while providing top-notch customer service and a wealth of resources.

Memora is reshaping healthcare delivery by meeting patients where they are and improving accessibility, usability, and availability. The infrastructure required to enable healthcare companies to grow and provide next generation care is being built by Memora Health.

Healthcare payers and providers can grow market share, foster loyalty, and boost engagement with the aid of Carrot Health. The firm now part of Unite US. To guarantee that people’s needs are satisfied, Unite Us uses technology to bring disparate sectors together.

Klara Provides patients with a means to reach medical experts that they’ll truly use and value while reducing call volume and doing away with phone tag. The AI-powered approach enables seamless telehealth.