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Top 10 Molecular Diagnostics Solution Providers 2023

In order to properly diagnose and treat patients, current healthcare concerns must be resolved, which necessitates the creation of new molecular diagnostics technologies.

The main industry participants are now concentrating mostly on technology developments in molecular diagnostics.

These technologies are becoming readily available as automation and user-friendly software are used more often. Overall, clinical chemistry and clinical microbiology methods are really combined in the identification of infectious pathogens.

According to estimates, the global market for molecular diagnostics will generate $15.6 billion in revenue in 2023 and is expected to grow to $26.8 billion by 2028.

The use of molecular diagnostics has grown as infectious illnesses and cancer are becoming more prevalent globally. The major market players are now primarily focused on technological advances in molecular diagnostics.

The branch of clinical laboratory diagnostics that is expanding the quickest is molecular diagnostics of infectious illnesses, particularly nucleic acid-based techniques.

In microbiology labs, these applications are replacing or enhancing culture-based, biochemical, and immunological tests.

In order to screen for infectious illnesses, molecular diagnostics is essential since it produces findings quickly and precisely. Over the projected period, it is anticipated that the incidence of infectious disorders and hospital-acquired infections will further drive demand.

The top molecular diagnostics solution providers are included in this edition of our magazine for you to choose effectively.

Diagenode, acquired by Hologic in 2021, dives deep into the world of epigenetics– a key player in gene regulation. T hey craft tools and solutions for scientists to unlock secrets of DNA methylation, chromatin analysis, and other essential processes, fueling research in cancer, neurological disorders, and beyond. They’re like the Rosetta Stone for understanding how genes are turned on and off, potentially offering insights for future precision therapies.

Cue Health empowers individuals to take control of their health with lab-quality diagnostics at home. Their innovative, palm-sized device delivers fast, accurate results for COVID-19, along with a growing range of tests for heart health, sexual health, and more. It’s like having a mini lab in your pocket, removing the wait and hassle of traditional visits and connecting you with healthcare experts to manage your health proactively.

bioMérieux pioneers diagnostic solutions to improve public health, safeguarding both people and industries. T hey develop and provide tests for infectious diseases, ensuring proper diagnosis and treatment for patients, while also offering solutions for monitoring food safety, cosmetics hygiene, and pharmaceutical production, protecting consumers and ensuring healthy products. Essentially, they’re guardians of well-being, working behind the scenes to keep us safe and healthy from viruses to food contamination.

AnBio offers two distinct sides: one crafting sustainable and biodegradable materials like AnBio, replacing conventional plastics with eco-friendly solutions for industries like packaging, and the other providing a range of cutting-edge in vitro diagnostic equipment and assays for medical labs, helping healthcare professionals accurately diagnose diseases like COVID-19 and cardiovascular conditions.

Immucor is a leader in transfusion and transplantation diagnostics, safeguarding patients through innovative blood bank automation, reagents, and software solutions. T hey ensure compatible organs and safe transfusions with precision testing, streamlining hospital workflows and empowering medical professionals to make informed decisions, ultimately saving lives through the gift of blood and transplants.

Fujirebio drives innovation in the medical world by developing, manufacturing, and distributing high-quality diagnostic products. They specialize in areas like blood testing, immunoassays, and Alzheimer’s diagnostics, empowering healthcare professionals with tools to accurately diagnose and monitor diseases, ultimately contributing to better patient outcomes and overall healthcare advancements.

QuidelOrtho combines forces with Ortho Clinical Diagnostics to provide a powerhouse of diagnostic solutions. They develop, manufacture, and market rapid and accurate tests for everything from infectious diseases like COVID-19 and strep throat to cardiovascular risks and autoimmune conditions. Their tests empower healthcare professionals to make rapid diagnoses, improve patient care, and even manage chronic conditions, ultimately ensuring healthier lives for people around the world.

LGC Group delves into the fascinating world of science solutions, offering a diverse and dynamic blend of offerings. They provide high-precision analytical standards and reference materials for research and development across various fields, like pharmaceuticals, food safety, and environmental testing. Additionally, they develop and operate high-tech genomic facilities to support biopharma companies in their drug discovery and development journeys. In a nutshell, LGC Group empowers scientists to explore the frontiers of knowledge with advanced tools and resources, ultimately contributing to healthier lives and a more sustainable planet.

QCNet is the industry’s leading portal for quality control (QC) information, serving as a hub for laboratory personnel to access their QC data and related information easily and rapidly. It offers tools like UnityWeb for instant QC result comparisons, educational resources, product inserts, and lab tools, all in an effort to streamline QC processes and boost confidence in patient test results. T hink of it as the essential online toolkit for labs striving for top-notch quality control.

Cepheid’s GeneXpert® systems and Xpert® tests automate highly complex and time-consuming manual procedures, providing A Better Way for institutions of any size to perform world-class PCR testing. Cepheid’s broad test portfolio spans respiratory infections, blood virology, women’s and sexual health, Tuberculosis and emerging infectious diseases, healthcare-associated infectious diseases, oncology and human genetics. The company’s solutions deliver actionable results where they are needed most – from central laboratories and hospitals to near patient settings. We call this the PCRplus advantage.