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Top 10 Medical Packaging and Sterilization Solution Providers 2023

The sterile medical packaging market was valued at around $56.89 billion in 2023. Within five years, the market will be worth USD 95.51 billion. The expected CAGR is 10.92%.

Similar to most industries, the medical packaging sector is also witnessing a wide range of common trends, namely, technological evolution, the need for superior products, high expectations, everincreasing competition, and so on.

The environmental impact of the materials used is a significant concern for the sector. Manufacturers are motivated to produce cost-effective packaging goods that use fewer resources and provide greater protection as the competition among manufacturers increases.

The other aspects impacting the growth of the medical packaging sector include the increasing elderly population, increasing demand from the healthcare sector, and reliable packaged products.

Overall, the industry is currently witnessing never-before changes. At the core of these trends are some of the enterprises extending highlevel solutions for altered packaging needs. Here, you can find a list of enterprises extending exceptional solutions.

Dupont extends specialized products for special environments such as healthcare. The high-quality medical-grade products are easy to handle and covers a wide range. The medical packaging solutions are innovative and affordable.

Wipak provides sterile barrier systems and premium packaging solutions for the medical device industry. Other healthcare systems including pharmaceutical firms also leverage their services. State-of-the art production facilities are used by Wipak.

Caplugs is a global company that specializes in plastic molding. They offer a wide range of solutions, ensuring high-quality parts and responsive service. With a comprehensive quality management system in place, Caplugs aims to deliver consistent results and short lead times for their customers worldwide.

When consistent quality & effective product performance are important, Steriking, a registered brand of Wipak, is the best option. The company designs and manufactures premium peel pouches, rolls, bags, and wraps in addition to offering sealing machine solutions.

The company is dedicated to Preserving and Improving People’s Lives via sustainability, effective procedures, and offering consumers high-quality products. Printpack provides a top-notch client experience while being the packaging industry leader in terms of production capabilities.

To help clients establish a safer medical environment for the future, Datwyler develops, creates, and manufactures solutions for injectable packaging and drug delivery systems within the healthcare solutions business area. With a history spanning more than 100 years, Datwyler is a trustworthy partner.

Harmac provides customers with advice on a variety of packaging materials and methods to protect product integrity, ensuring that medical equipment are secure and clean.The business has a lot of expertise redesigning packaging for certain items. There is special focus on cutting-edge technologies.

Since 1971, MPI has served clients all over the world with high-quality goods, specialized medical packaging solutions, and exceptional service. The demands of pharmaceutical packagers in a range of market categories, including independent pharmacies, long-term care institutions, hospitals, and many more, are met with pride by MPI..

Amolab, established in 2011 as an innovative SME in Lecce, Italy, is a spin-off of the National Research Council. Specializing in research, development, design, and production, the company focuses on revolutionary ultrasound devices for medical imaging diagnostics. Amolab is dedicated to exploring new solutions, evidenced by its registration in the special section of the register for innovative companies.

Nelipak is a global leader in healthcare packaging and is recognised for its service and quality. Leading businesses all over the globe depend on Nelipak’s 60-year history of innovation in cleanroom made bespoke healthcare packaging, created to fulfill the most exacting packaging needs of medical device and pharmaceutical makers.