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Top 10 Endoscopy Solution Providers 2023

First, let’s take a look at the potential benefits of endoscopy. Endoscopy is, in simple words, risk-free. The procedure is widely perceived as a secure medical treatment as complications are rare.

The endoscopic method is not painful. The doctor examines your stomach using a flexible tube. Furthermore, endoscopy allows the doctor to provide medication without causing any discomfort to the patient.

Better diagnosis of diseases impacting the digestive system is possible through endoscopic procedures.

In 2023 and perhaps beyond, the field of endoscopy will be marked by a technological revolution. Robotic-assisted endoscopic advancements may give additional choices to individuals who cannot tolerate traditional endoscopy.

In the future, artificial intelligence (AI), robotic-assisted endoscopy, and payment choices will undoubtedly influence endoscopic discussions. Innovative single-use endoscopes are expected to debut.

Endoscopy continues to see a lot of critical medical device advances that enable improved clinical results.

This edition takes a close look at the latest trends in the industry. Based on our research, we have made a list of the top 10 endoscopy solution providers.

The Delaware-based Boston Scientific Corporation (“BSC”) produces medical devices for interventional medical specialties such as interventional radiology, interventional cardiology, peripheral interventions, neuromodulation, neurovascular intervention, endoscopy, and many others.

PHOTONIC stands at the forefront of lighting technology and optical systems, offering contract development and manufacturing. With a specialized focus on generating, controlling, and coupling high-quality light, they provide tailored solutions ranging from Xenon or Halogen-based systems to advanced LED and laser technologies. Renowned for their core competency in optomechatronics, PHOTONIC excels in devising sophisticated lighting solutions, from natural color rendering to exciting fluorescent dyes, and catering to diverse industries like medicine, life sciences, and security technology.

A Johnson & Johnson subsidiary is Ethicon, Inc. In order to broaden and diversify the Johnson & Johnson product portfolio, it was established as a distinct business under the Johnson & Johnson brand in 1949. The firm makes medicines, medical equipment, and consumer goods.

Endoscopy Repair Specialist (ERS) is a distinguished service-disabled veteran-owned company specializing in flexible endoscope repair and reconditioned scope sales. With a mission to provide healthcare professionals with top-tier surgical equipment repair services, ERS not only aims to cut down on repair costs but also to maximize the operational days of scopes. Upholding a steadfast service commitment, ERS guarantees that all equipment repairs and refurbishments surpass industry standards, returning them to a “like new” condition.

The goal of Applied Medical, a new-generation medical device firm, is to increase access to and cost of highquality healthcare worldwide. Our vertically integrated company strategy enables our team members to create solutions that improve clinical care.

Innovative medical technology solutions for the most difficult and complex situations are the specialty of Medtronic. GI solutions are one of the key areas of focus.

EndoRx was founded with the ambition of revolutionizing the introduction of early-stage medical device technologies to the market. Besides innovating organically, the company also operates as a full-service management consulting firm, collaborating with external partners to usher physician-driven medical innovations into the marketplace.

More than 15,000 items are currently available in the endoscopic equipment category for both human and veterinary medicine. Digital documentation systems and complete operating room designs are the newest KARL STORZ innovations.

Manufacturer of endoscope and steerable catheter technologies. Catheters, a steerable catheter kit from Navicath, a fiber optic endoscope, an Olympus light guide, a Storz adapter, and a spinal endoscopic access kit are among the available products. Applications include technologies for treating back pain.

The medical industry receives high-quality, cutting-edge endoscopic imaging devices from FUJIFILM Healthcare Americas Corporation – Endoscopy. Fujifilm offers a full range of solutions for Core GI (gastrointestinal), Interventional GI, Pulmonary, and Therapeutic applications,