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Top 10 Clinical Trial Management Solution Providers 2023

The clinical trial management sector is anticipating immense growth in the next few years. The clinical trials sector in the US needs to be prepared to carry out largescale and coordinated clinical research because of new health threats. The professionals involved in the sector need to be anytime-ready to evaluate the safety of effective diagnostics, therapeutics, and vaccines. Biological incidents of minor or massive range can happen at any time. The global clinical trial management market is expanding due to greater industry-academic collaborations, a growth in clinical trials, developments in healthcare technology, and higher government backing for research projects.

In ways that laboratories and animals cannot, clinical trials can educate researchers on what does and does not work in humans. Clinical trials can help doctors determine if the risks of a new therapy are tolerable when compared to the potential benefits. As technology and treatments advance and become more personalized, the clinical trial industry grows, and the number of studies launched each year rises. The industry faces the need for innovative solutions following the ever-changing healthcare needs. Medhealth Outlook examines the top ten clinical trial management solution providers.

The traditional methods of study recruitment, study execution, and data analysis are now obsolete in the current era of clinical research. In 2023, the clinical trial sector will embark on unprecedented opportunities. There are now more options to increase efficiency across the clinical trial lifecycle. The market is currently undergoing a phase marked by disruptive technology and process automation. The abundance of clinical trial management solutions makes it a time-consuming task to finalize an apt solution. Therefore, we have compiled a list of disruptors in the clinical trial management solutions space to simplify the process.

The clinical brilliance of the greatest CROs is combined with cutting-edge technology by ObvioHealth, an end-to-end virtual research organization (VRO), to improve clinical trials. ObvioHealth is headquartered in New York.

With a thorough, tested, and standardized clinical trial management system created via a partnership with top academic medical institutions and cancer centers, Advarra makes it possible to gain insights into every area of research operations.

The company’s first offering is an integrated eClinical trial platform for small and midsize CROs, university research organizations, and pharmaceutical corporations, commonly known as Clinion.

Chicago-based Advanced Clinical focuses on research services and strategic resourcing to provide a better clinical experience by extending comprehensive CRO, FSP, and Strategic Resourcing.

Proem Behavioral Health developed a software platform that helps anyone who provides behavioral health care to make accurate diagnoses efficiently and consistently, and measure patient outcomes. This helps patients get the right treatment as soon as possible so they can live healthier lives.

SimpleTrials is a California-based clinical trial management system for use in all clinical studies. It is cloud-based. The solution offers a platform where the program can follow the samples and monitor the progress of laboratory investigations.

Florida-headquartered Adaptive Clinical Systems is an eClinical Technology Solutions enterprise offering data flow Integration Optimization Interoperation. The Adaptive eClinical Bus® and Adaptive DataVIEW from Adaptive Clinical Systems provide an industryleading solution for your most difficult clinical trial data interoperability problems.

NuvoteQ is a global leader in digital technology solutions for clinical and pharmaceutical research, offering trusted FDA-approved software products that empower organizations to conduct cost-effective, flexible, and precise clinical trials. With a proven track record, a presence in over 40 countries across five continents, and partnerships including affiliation with the Gates Foundation, nuvoteQ is revolutionizing the industry with its commitment to regulatory compliance and quality assurance.

Mosio offers the #1 Automated Text Messaging Software for Researchers. It incorporates data collection tools from SMS surveys to collect pertinent research data while study participants are off-site.

Since 2016, Dot Compliance has guided companies through the complexities of electronic quality management systems with a skilled team specialized in software technology, compliance, and process engineering.