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Top 10 Cardio Tech Solution Providers 2023


Almost every industry, including healthcare, has benefited from digitization. As a result, the environment in which patients and healthcare professionals engage with one another has been radically changed. With about $42 billion in sales in 2014, cardiology remained the second-largest medical device market by revenue. A cardiovascular device accounts for more than one in ten medical devices sold. (EvaluateMedTech).

Latest technologies have already been an integral part of heart surgeries, preventing sudden cardiac arrests, bringing down cholesterol levels, or collecting data regarding any discrepancy in the functioning of the heart. The cardiovascular care sector continues to experiment with technology. For example, many major cardiac equipment vendors are prepared to deploy augmented and virtual reality for staff training. In addition, big data models can forecast a patient’s likelihood of developing a cardiovascular illness using clinical, genomic, and lifestyle data based on disease correlations, medicine side effects, and genome research. As another example, Cardiology and medical imaging are currently being improved with AI.

Cardiology point-of-care (POC) triage apps and wearable cardiac monitoring devices will likely be where AI makes the most advancements. This edition on cardio tech solution providers results from our efforts to monitor and inform the solutions, challenges, and trends in the cardio solution providers industry. In addition, you can access the views and opinions of industry experts and decision-makers on cardio technologies impacting the industry. Besides, we have compiled a list of the top 10 cardio technology solution providers.

Based in Chicago, IL, Allscripts has over three decades of healthcare experience. The firm is proud of its partnerships and extends several solutions, such as the HER (Electronic Health Record), revenue cycle management, patient engagement, and population health are leveraged by healthcare enterprises across the globe.

Cerner is now part of Oracle. For almost four decades, the firm has been an essential presence at the intersection of information technology and healthcare. Cerner leverages the latest technologies to extend solutions that allow people and communities to focus on their Health. As a result, Cerner solutions find great relevance in the present and future.

NewPage solutions enable healthcare enterprises to solve even the most complex problems. The enterprise establishes strong partnerships with other prominent organizations in different verticals, including biotechnology, the pharmaceutical industry, and healthcare. The NewPage solutions find acceptability in creativity, design, development, and strategy.

Plastic Health empowers individuals and enterprises to identify and leverage meaningful health metrics through a user-centric and positive platform that involves the latest scientific knowledge. In other words, Plastic Health is a science-powered solution helping enterprises ensure the Health of various populations.

The enterprise ensures secured, scalable, and seamless connectivity across the enterprise’s boundaries. In addition, the enterprise protects, refines, and delivers critical and sensitive healthcare data while ensuring compliance standards are met. Secure Exchange has catered to health plans, hospitals, medical professionals, and health systems.

Valify is a healthcare expenses management firm focusing exclusively on controlling purchased service expenses. The enterprise’s web-based tech platform allows healthcare enterprises to identify, quickly benchmark and derive insights into market share with their proven endto-end purchased service solution for enterprises. The solution enables enterprises to manage expenses, enhance employees’ productivity and ensure considerable savings.

Wytcote specializes in all-encompassing solutions that cater to the general requirements of clients. Their solutions are designed after assessing the existing technology, goals, and present and future policies.

Established in 2007, Carestream Health is a health IT and imaging technology solutions firm. The organization extends healthcare IT and medical solutions for the global non-destructive testing market. Carestream Health is headquartered in Rochester, NY. The firm enjoys a worldwide presence with several locations across the globe.

The firm retains focus on improving the well-being and Health of consumers. The enterprise leverages the power of Cognitive Artificial Intelligence.

Henry Scheiin, Inc. is a solutions firm dedicated to the healthcare industry. Globally, the firm has more than 19,000 employees. The firm’s solutions are beyond 300, enhancing clinical outcomes and operational success. Their solutions also find applicability for laboratories, institutional healthcare, and dental governments.