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SurGenTec: Multifaceted Solutions for the Spinal Implant Industry

Travis Greenhalgh

CEO, SurGenTec

This variety empowers physicians to select the approach that best aligns with the needs of their patients. We have a robust pipeline of products awaiting FDA Clearance over the remainder of 2023 and in the early months of 2024

One of the primary challenges in the spinal implant industry is developing solutions that enable minimally invasive procedures. Patients and surgeons seek treatments that are less traumatic, promote faster recovery, and reduce post-surgery complications. Spine surgeries require high levels of precision, as any inaccuracies may have significant consequences on the patient’s health.

Another challenge in the spinal implant industry lies in the pursuit of expeditious patient recovery times. Traditional open surgical approaches frequently entail prolonged hospitalization and extended rehabilitation. Additionally, the vital factors of implant success and durability constitute pivotal considerations within these types of procedures.

The industry is in search of solutions that address these challenges. SurGenTec emerges as the perfect choice with multifaceted solutions.

SurGenTec excels in minimally invasive procedures by designing and offering a range of minimally invasive instruments and devices that enable surgeons to perform delicate spine surgeries with precision, using smaller incisions, and reducing tissue disruption. “Our cutting-edge technologies are designed to minimize risk, improve maneuverability, and help ensure reliable outcomes for patients with spinal disorders.” says Travis Greenhalgh, CEO.

Additionally, SurGenTec’s focus on advancing minimally invasive techniques offers surgeons alternative options to traditional methods that help treat their patients with specific conditions. SurGenTec also places strong emphasis on product quality and reliability, ensuring that their devices are built to withstand the complications of the human body. Rigorous pre-clinical testing and adherence to industry standards are crucial to their process, giving surgeons and patients confidence in the durability and efficacy of their products.

SurGenTec also prioritizes education for healthcare professionals by offering training labs and webinars to ensure that they are well-trained on their latest technologies. The commitment to education fosters a sense of confidence and expertise among clients and industry peers.

Staying Ahead

SurGenTec excels in the industry due to several distinctive factors that set them apart from their competitors. The company’s extensive portfolio of spinal devices encompasses a broad spectrum of surgical requirements, spanning advanced implants, and precision instrumentation. SurGenTec’s comprehensive product lineup empowers surgeons with a single-source solution for their distinct needs, conferring a substantial advantage in a fiercely competitive market.

Another distinguishing factor lies in SurGenTec’s surgeon-centric approach. The foundation of SurGenTec’s success rests upon its commitment to comprehending and supporting the specific needs of surgeons and their teams. The company actively collaborates and receives feedback from healthcare professionals to enhance and fine-tune their products continually. This dedicated focus ensures that their technologies closely align with the preferences and requirements of the medical community, establishing SurGenTec as a valued partner for healthcare professionals.

Over the years, SurGenTec has built a strong track record of successful surgeries and positive patient outcomes. The reputation for delivering high-quality products and exceptional customer service has earned the trust of surgeons, hospitals, and medical facilities throughout the United States and Internationally. As a result, SurGenTec has become a preferred choice in the market and has established a significant presence in the industry.

Not only does SurGenTec develop minimally invasive spinal fixation implants but also synthetic biologics. These biologics are created in-house by their emerging technology team (ETT). “While many companies opt to license or private-label biologics, we take pride in our distinctive approach to crafting proprietary formulations. These formulations are designed to accelerate the process of bone healing.” adds Travis Greenhalgh.

Toward the Future

Furthermore, SurGenTec will offer a comprehensive selection of sacroiliac joint fusion solutions. “This variety empowers physicians to select the approach that best aligns with the needs of their patients. We have a robust pipeline of products awaiting FDA Clearance over the remainder of 2023 and in the early months of 2024,” concludes Greenhalgh.

SurGenTec currently operates in most of the United States as well as in Central and South America. The company is dedicated to the research and development of specialized technology for minimally invasive surgeries. This commitment enables surgeons to deliver enhanced patient care, while providing shorter recovery times and superior clinical results.  

In summary, SurGenTec’s dedication to innovation and surgeon and patient-centric care positions them as a leading force in the healthcare industry, shaping the future of minimally invasive surgeries.