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Secure Exchange Solutions: A New Approach to Enhancing Communication in Healthcare


CEO, Secure Exchange Solutions

Enterprises are focusing more on addressing these gaps in communication. A prominent name among these enterprises is Secure Exchange Solutions.

Healthcare businesses need to begin implementing a focus on strengthening effective communication, which will, in turn, improve patient safety and experience and raise the bottom line. The industry cannot let surveillance incidents and adverse events caused by inefficient communication happen the way they are happening in recent times. Most of the information flow in healthcare occurs through communication between healthcare professionals. Considering the importance of communication, it is hardly surprising that the damages due to communication errors can be irretrievable.

Additionally, today’s patients have high expectations and are unwilling to compromise on service quality, speed, or accuracy. As a result, effective communication across the industry can bring fundamental changes to the existing system. As healthcare organizations focus more on effective communication across all aspects of the industry, a range of activities are being implemented.

These include incorporating effective communication strategies in the corporate training program, adding frequent patient satisfaction surveys, and scheduling regular meetings with employees to learn more about patient survey feedback. Further, technology has proven its potential to address the gaps in the healthcare industry. Consequently, creating awareness of technological incorporation into tackling communication challenges is another good option. Enterprises are focusing more on addressing these gaps in communication. A prominent name among these enterprises is Secure Exchange Solutions. Secure Exchange Solutions focuses on eliminating communication gaps in the healthcare industry.

Secure Exchange Solutions is a top industry-leading health information technology provider. The experienced professionals at Secure Exchange Solutions protect, organize, and extend critical healthcare information so there is no compromise on quality, efficiency, and compliance. “Secure Exchange Solutions was formed to enable simple, secure, and scalable connections between healthcare communities.

By working with existing standards and integrating with existing IT investments, we deliver an intuitive, straightforward, cost-effective communications solution. Our solutions enable communications between physicians, hospitals, labs, plans, HIEs, and patients, optimizing workflows and improving care management,” says Dan Kazzaz, CEO, Secure Exchange Solutions.


The clinical connectivity solutions from Security Exchange Solutions are wide-ranging. For example, the directory services enable improved visibility into the client’s network besides the unparalleled provider synchronization abilities. Also, Providers without an EHR can collaborate using a universal C-CDA Viewer.

“Our innovative automated notifications provide immediate value through better outcomes, reduced readmissions, and increased provider and patient satisfaction. The other important feature is Secure Exchange’s ONC HIT certified products. Coupled with our unparalleled directory services, it is easier than ever to reach your provider network for better transitions of care. Besides, our comprehensive patient notifications, physician attribution, and consent management help create a leaner, yet more effective, organization,” adds the CEO. The skilled firm staff has a proven track record in clinical and administrative information exchange as well as industry technological standards.

In addition, to ensure that the solutions effortlessly fit into the hectic schedules of healthcare providers, the enterprise collaborates closely with practicing physicians. “Only Secure Exchange goes beyond discharge alerts to provide a custom suite of notifications that includes admission-to-hospital, status change, abnormal lab, transfer alerts, and more. In addition, our robust Direct automated notifications provide immediate return on investment to HIEs and translate into immediate value for providers,” informs Kazzaz. As a devoted participant in the Direct Project, Secure Exchange assists healthcare stakeholders in utilizing standards-based communications to communicate across organizational boundaries.