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Repligen: Inspiring Advances in Bioprocessing Since 1981


President & CEO, Repligen

The goal of Repligen, which was founded by two eminent scientists, is to spur bioprocessing advancements as a reliable collaborator in the development of biologic medications that enhance human health globally.

The need for innovative treatments like gene therapies and monoclonal antibodies has sharply increased globally in the dynamic field of biopharmaceuticals. However, producers of biopharmaceuticals now face a wide range of difficulties as a result of this increase in demand. Manufacturers must accomplish the difficult challenge of cutting production costs, speeding up schedules, and increasing output while upholding the highest standards of product quality as the number of biologic medications on the market keeps growing. There is a greater demand than ever for creative solutions.

In this situation, where the nexus between state-of-the-art science and realistic manufacturing constraints becomes crucial, Repligen stands out as a company that embodies both innovation and dependability. Repligen has led the way in tackling crucial bioprocessing steps since its founding in 1981, driving advancements with high-value goods and adaptable solutions. Repligen shows up as a reliable partner as the industry’s problems get worse, offering not just answers but also revolutionary innovations that completely change the bioprocessing environment.

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Repligen is a leading-edge life sciences business that specializes in bioprocessing. Repligen, which has significant production facilities in Massachusetts, California, New Jersey, Sweden, France, The Netherlands, Germany, and Estonia, is well-known throughout the world for its dedication to innovation and quality in the creation and marketing of high-value goods and adaptable solutions that transform the biologics industry.

Technology Leadership:

Leading the way in perfusion, pre-packed columns, and integrated tangential flow filtration (TFF) systems is Repligen. With regard to upstream process intensification, tangential flow depth filtration, pre-packed columns, single-use cassettes, integrated TFF systems, and in-line process analytics, the company takes satisfaction in being the first to market with these high-impact solutions.

With its focus on strategic acquisitions and advanced product development, Repligen is the bioprocessing instrument provider with the quickest rate of growth. The demand for biologic medications, such as monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), and cutting-edge treatments including gene therapies, viral vectors, and nucleic acid medicines, drives the company’s operations worldwide.

Repligen continues to be at the forefront of meeting manufacturer needs as the biopharmaceutical industry changes. Repligen’s revolutionary bioprocessing products are made to increase productivity, cut costs and manufacturing time, and maintain the highest standards of product quality in light of the growing number of biologic pharmaceuticals as well as the growth of biosimilars and bio-better versions.

Through direct commercial organizations in Europe, Asia, and the United States, Repligen operates worldwide. Through distributors and key partners, the business also penetrates markets across the globe. Repligen can fulfill a wide range of demands from the quickly expanding biopharmaceutical industry thanks to the well-located large manufacturing sites.

Repligen has significantly advanced bioprocessing technologies in recent achievements. The introduction of TangenX® SC, an industry-first holder-free, self-contained Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) device, is the company’s most recent accomplishment. Demonstrating Repligen’s dedication to state-of-the-art solutions, this inventive device directly addresses the crucial need for fully closed systems in the biologics manufacturing industry.

Repligen has also carefully increased the scope of its capabilities by making acquisitions. Repligen’s Fluid Management franchise has been strengthened by the acquisition of FlexBiosys Inc., a supplier of single-use bioprocessing bags and assemblies, and Metenova, a well-known Swedish inventor specialising in magnetic mixing technology. These calculated actions expand the company’s line of products and solidify its standing as the market leader for bioprocessing instruments.

Repligen is also leading the charge to transform chromatography. Even with difficult modalities, the company has successfully transformed contemporary chromatography, generating unprecedented recoveries and operational efficiencies. This innovation demonstrates Repligen’s dedication to expanding the realm of bioprocessing technology.

Repligen has increased the scope and capabilities of its offerings in response to the growing significance of Process Analytics Technology (PAT). Repligen is actively empowering a new generation of biologics by taking on the responsibility for the commercialization of Culpeo® and continuing advancements in Process Analytics. All of these accomplishments demonstrate Repligen’s commitment to advancing innovation and influencing the course of biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

The goal of Repligen, which was founded by two eminent scientists, is to spur bioprocessing advancements as a reliable collaborator in the development of biologic medications that enhance human health globally.

Innovative Solutions:

Repligen offers innovative technology, scalable hardware, software, and consumables workflow solutions for the production of viral vectors, mRNA, plasmid DNA, and new modalities like grown meat and entire cells.

They are pleased to introduce the KrosFlo® RS TFF Systems, which are created for optimum recovery and are perfect for mRNA and gene therapy applications, and the KrosFlo® KR2i RPMTM System, which is intended for in-line protein concentration monitoring during UF/DF cycles.

Repligen is committed to developing innovations that improve the effectiveness and caliber of biologic medication production, improving human health worldwide, even as it maintains its position as a leader in bioprocessing innovation.