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Pharma Solutions: Transforming The Pharma Sector with Innovative and Problem-specific Solutions


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Pharma companies have realized the difference a well-equipped supply chain can bring in. Of late, many enterprises have ventured into enhancing the scenario.

The entire pharma industry will uniformly agree that the sector urgently needs transformative changes. Unfortunately, the U.S Supply chain needs to be adequately designed to cater to the current requirements. The flaws were present even before the pandemic. Later, the pandemic intensified the existing shortcomings. The shortage of medicine intensified when the pandemic was at its peak.

The pharma industry has recovered considerably from the ill effects of the pandemic. Yet, specific challenges remain. For instance, the supply chain still needs to be more efficient. Also, regulatory compliance remains a challenge. Pharma companies have realized the difference a wellequipped supply chain can bring in.

Of late, many enterprises have ventured into enhancing the scenario. A perfect example is Pharma solutions, a Penn Valley, PA, headquartered firm. “Pharma Solutions supports the drug and device supply chain by leveraging innovation and leading experts in the industry. Our commitment to providing purposebuilt technology solutions, tailored consulting, and dedicated administrative support ensures our clients meet their business and compliance objectives,” says Sumeet Singh, Chairman, Pharma Solutions.

Conceptualized and initiated in 2016 as ‘Five Rivers RX,’ Pharma solutions has had a remarkable ascent to the top as a leading name among pharma solutions providers with an ultimate focus on regulatory compliance and frequently altering state laws and features regarding the pharma sector.

“Our experts are best suited to helping clients understand and comply with a patchwork of ever-changing state regulations and requirements, accommodating different state agency rules and processes, maintaining records and documentation, and much more,” continues Singh. The impressive range of clientele includes Pharmacies, manufacturers, repackagers, virtual manufacturers, third-party logistics providers, and others.


ATLAS results from Pharma Solution’s efforts toward transforming the pharma sector and bringing in perfect alliance with the extensive state rules and regulations. ATLAS is a cloud-powered, contemporary, and highly secure software solution allowing the enterprise to converge vast compliance data onto a single platform. ATLAS has empowered clients to create efficient compliance management practices, incorporate and manage compliance activities, create and manage workflows and effectively balance the company’s projects.


The opioid addiction problem in the United States is persistent and is a stark reminder of the significance of safe and ethical supply chain policies at every stage. “Our Suspicious Order Monitoring (SOM) software helps pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors ensure they follow DEA requirements. Federal and state agencies are increasing their investigation into the players of the pharmaceutical supply chain, paying close attention to the validity and fluctuation of ordering practices to combat the drug abuse epidemic.

The artificial intelligence infused NavigateSOM empowers our clients to conduct business ethically while demonstrating our commitment to the integrity of the pharmaceutical supply chain,” informs the CEO. Besides, the pharmacy consulting solutions from our firm offer extensive coverage on registrations, certifications, and new licensing, among others. Further, the state licensing solutions from Pharma Solutions effectively tackle the challenges of navigating through individual state regulations. Pharma Solutions has expertise in around 51 state rules and regulations.

“Our team successfully obtains 1,000+ licenses annually for our clients, and we provide hi-touch communication and peace of mind throughout the entire process. In addition, to ease the burden of state licensing, we provide every client with a dedicated licensing manager who will head all aspects of your application and renewal processes, known as Full Process Management, “ explains the CEO. Further, Pharma Solutions focuses on NABP Drug Distributor Accreditation, Requirement Analysis, Research Assessment, and others.


In the immediate years, Pharma Solutions has plans to focus extensively on supplying innovative approaches to compliance to empower customers to meet business objectives.

Pharma companies have realized the difference a well-equipped supply chain can bring in. Of late, many enterprises have ventured into enhancing the scenario.