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Pioneering Excellence in Healthcare Solutions: a Glimpse Into Endoscopy Repair Specialist


Owner & Executive Vice President


Owner, CEO and President

“We use digital imaging technology to photograph problems within the scope that we can use for trending to share with our customers to make sure that we’re providing”

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, where innovation and precision are paramount, certain enterprises stand as beacons of unwavering commitment to patient care and medical advancement. In the realm of medical innovation and patient care, certain dedicated businesses stand out for their commitment to excellence and service. ERS is one such distinguished establishment that has been making waves since its inception in 2006.

With a status as a verified service-disabled veteranowned small business, ERS brings a unique perspective to the healthcare industry. Operating out of Delton, Michigan, the company takes immense pride in serving not only military institutions but also civilian and VA hospital systems. Their in-house repair technicians, coupled with an ISO 1345 certification, underscore their commitment to ensuring the integrity and reliability of medical devices. In any field, challenges are inevitable, and the field of endoscopy solutions is no exception. Jon Fish Vice president, Endoscopy Repair Specialist, shed light on some of the key challenges their clients face, emphasizing three critical aspects: infection control, cost of service, and equipment downtime. He says, “We’re not a publicly traded company and it allows us to keep better control of our costs, which we can pass on to our customers. In the downtime, we have different programs, loaner programs, dedicated loaner programs that we can provide when our equipment is down, that we could, you know, make sure that they have equipment on hand to continue on going.” The company ensures staff are educated to handle and process devices with infection control in mind, while also keeping costs manageable and minimizing equipment downtime, is a delicate balance.


Innovation often emerges from the interplay of expertise and efficiency. ERS understands this dynamic and capitalizes on it. By keeping overhead costs low and focusing on the unique needs of each client, they manage to provide cost-effective solutions without compromising quality. Moreover, they offer dedicated loaner programs, ensuring that clients have access to equipment even when repairs are ongoing. “We use digital imaging technology to photograph problems within the scope that we can use for trending to share with our customers to make sure that we’re providing”, continues Jon.


While repairs are at the core of their business, ERS goes above and beyond. They recognize that education is a cornerstone in overcoming challenges. The company provides tailored education, aligning with each facility’s equipment and processing technology. This commitment extends to onboarding new staff, ensuring they receive the training required to maintain the highest standards of care.


The true measure of any business lies in the impact it has on its clients. John highlighted two compelling case studies that underscore the transformative power of ERS’s approach. In one instance, their efforts led to a reduction of over $100,000 in annual repair costs for a VA hospital, coupled with enhanced infection control and employee safety. Another success story involved significant reductions in both repair spending and equipment downtime through repair training and education.


Behind every successful endeavor is a skilled and dedicated team. ERS boasts a team of certified experts with a collective experience of approximately 170 years. Their patient-centric approach extends to the employees themselves, ensuring a healthy work-life balance. A commitment to quality and outcomes remains a core value, driving their decisions and interactions.


Looking ahead, ERS has no intentions of resting on its laurels. With a focus on staying at the forefront of endoscopy service technology, the company aims to expand its product and service portfolio. Authorized as a manufacturer and distributor of various medical systems, their expansion will encompass endoscope drying systems, instrument drying systems, and endoscope transport systems. ERS emerges as an exemplar in the realm of healthcare solutions. With a commitment to innovation, education, and patient well-being, they exemplify the positive impact that dedicated businesses can have in the industry. As the medical landscape evolves, ERS stands ready to meet new challenges and continue delivering cutting-edge solutions.