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EndoRx: An Integrator of Emerging Technologies for Enhanced Market Receptivity

Dr. Isaac Raijman

Co-Founder & CMO, EndoRx

Christen Springs

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, EndoRx

This idea of synergistic products coming together for advancement in a disease state was realized during a recent ENDOSCOPY ON AIR webinar featuring Dr. Raijman performing an ERCP with cholangioscopy and leveraging both AIWorks and NovaScan technologies on an actual patient. See inset.

Too often, medical innovations in any therapeutic area — although EndoRx focuses only on therapeutic endoscopy — design and develop in a state of isolation and can subsequently struggle with strategic engagement and eventual market success. They don’t focus on the patient flow upstream or downstream, only their part of the care pathway.

At EndoRx, the aim is to identify emerging players in a particular disease state or endoscopic solution and help overcome that isolation methodology. Going to market, they seek a cohesive complement of emerging technologies that individually — but also collectively — challenge the standard of care. EndoRx surrounds these innovators with fractional leadership and its vast network of vendor partners, each chosen specifically to match the culture, cadence, and goals of each MedTech entity.

A New Model

Cofounded by Christen Springs (managing partner), a 20-year veteran and expert from the MedTech industry, and Dr. Isaac Raijman, a global thought leader in advanced endoscopy, EndoRx has enjoyed success out of the gate since its founding in 2015, bringing its clinical acumen and deep industry relations to each company it evaluates.

The firm offers turnkey solutions for startups in the MedTech sector that are struggling to progress past the R&D phase into formal commercial development and strategic engagement. A vital element of this process is a set of clinical trials to gauge safety and efficacy. With thorough understanding of the challenges in recruitment, retention, and execution of these studies, EndoRx is a great partner in determining the timing, locations, and overall plan for these required tollgates to commercialization.

In just three years, EndoRx guided its first device, the Rhino biliary stone extraction balloon, from the prototype phase to 510(k) clearance and a successful acquisition by CONMED, Inc. in 2017.

Shaping the Future

The latest focus of EndoRx includes a suite of disruptive technologies that combine to achieve even more significant clinical benefit for the patient.

“An endoscopist suspicious of bile duct cancer could use our client AIWorks to target the initial diagnostic biopsy, then confirm the presence of cancer in that patient in real time leveraging NovaScan. Then, stricture dilation could be performed using an ADB platform–driven device from ProjectD, LLC. Once pathology is confirmed, we could ablate the tumor using Pressurized Subcooled Nitrogen (PSN) from Phase Therapeutics. Such a combination would eliminate the potential for repeat procedures in endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP), expedite pathology confirmation, and more immediately deliver ablative therapy, all leading to the potential downstaging of cancer,” explains Dr. Raijman.

SIDEBAR: This idea of synergistic products coming together for advancement in a disease state was realized during a recent ENDOSCOPY ON AIR webinar featuring Dr. Raijman performing an ERCP with cholangioscopy and leveraging both AIWorks and NovaScan technologies on an actual patient. See inset.

“Each of our clients may be at a different market entry point, and that’s okay,” offers Springs. “One company may be preparing for clinical trials, while another may be focused on an investment round and a third may be progressing toward milestones after launching. This allows us to give each client what they need but piggyback off the collective story we’re building in the market.”

Changing the Game

The team at EndoRx is focused on making its portfolio companies successful. The plan includes evaluating other startups that could become part of this existing portfolio or spin off into a newly focused care cluster. For each endeavor, EndoRx draws from its deep bench of support organizations, such as contract manufacturers, contract research organizations, and design and development firms, to find the most suitable solution to advance each individual company and the collective. EndoRx recruits these partners based on the needs of the business and then manages the relationship through the commercial development process. 

EndoRx is not considered a consulting firm. It’s a fractional executive and strategic leadership consortium for hire. Often, Springs accepts an organizational position (e.g., General Manager, Director of Operations, Managing Director) within each client company and operates on a daily basis as an integral part of that team. Dr. Raijman moves into a key scientific advisory position as a board member or Chief Medical Officer to not only offer his own insights and expertise, but to bring his global network of physicians to the project as well.

In addition to product validation and commercialization, a plan is in the works to support early-stage innovators with a team of top field-based market development leaders in the endoscopy space. These specialized “operators” could be used to manage pre-market clinical trials and even execute a successful product launch.

“From our Business Development industry contacts in endoscopy, we’ve heard they regard EndoRx interests as ‘serious technology’ that has earned the right to be evaluated. They know we have done rigorous diligence in vetting the technology and clearly articulate its value proposition and manufacturability.  We sell the commercialization strategy as passionately as we sell the technology. 

By injecting our unique process into the commercial development of each project, we help ensure that it will absolutely get to market,” says Springs.


Christen with Dr. Carlos Robles, Founder of AIWorks at the ASGE Artificial Intelligence conference.

Watch, Learn, Invest

EndoRx is very active in sharing achievements and advice on social channels. Follow Springs, Dr. Raijman, and the team on their website and LinkedIn to continue learning about their unique market approach.

If the EndoRx model interests you for purposes of investment, the team is open to discussing how that could come to bear. Funding needs, timing, and use of funds may vary by consortium member, but EndoRx is receptive to connecting investor with investee. Likewise, EndoRx initiatives such as the buildout of its market development team or next therapeutic endoscopy focus may be discussed for strategic alignment/investment. Contact Christen Springs at

Not just consulting. Not just fractional leadership. EndoRx is that integrator to help emerging technologies enhance their market receptivity.

Dr. Raijman, Christen Springs, and Novascan CEO, Craig Davis at the AGA technology conference, where they were they were a Shark Tank competition finalist

NovaScan: A case study

NovaScan, Inc. is a clinical-stage technology developer for point of care cancer detection and assessment. NovaScan engaged EndoRx to manage their expansion of technology into the endoscopy space.

“EndoRx leveraged its network of industry luminaries to provide constructive feedback on the product concept. They also provided introductions to and led the relationships with contract manufacturers who can both manufacture NovaScan’s pioneering device while providing comfort to strategics who may consider acquisition. EndoRx introduced NovaScan to the highly qualified regulatory consulting firm which we now employ to engage with the FDA.  EndoRx assisted with the application to the AGA Tech Summit, where NovaScan was selected as a finalist. And Dr. Raijman is the principal investigator of the first trial site for the new NovaScan device and was also central in NovaScan’s involvement in Endoscopy on Air. Finally, EndoRx plays a prominent role in discussions with strategics across the GI community related to potential transactions involving NovaScan in the GI space.” — Craig Davis, CEO, NovaScan

NovaScan – an ex vivo scanning system that immediately detects the presence of cancer from any tissue sample of the GI luminal or pancreaticobiliary anatomy.

AIWorks – Artificial intelligence software platform that recognizes live high-risk epithelial tissue change and guides the endoscopist for targeted biopsy samples in the bile duct during a cholangioscopy procedure.

Phase Therapeutics – a next-gen cryotherapy system that drives ultra-cold cryogen through a standard-sized needle biopsy-style device for pancreatic cancer and other pancreatic diseases.

ProjectD LLC – a bilateral, independently controlled anchoring balloon that eliminates device migration when dilating the strictures in the biliary anatomy.