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Inquiry Reveals Ex-Leader of Launceston General Hospital Allegedly Tampered with Death Certificates

Serious allegations of misconduct have been brought to light at the Launceston General Hospital (LGH), according to evidence given by registered nurse and midwife Amanda Duncan at a parliamentary inquiry. The allegations involve the falsification of medical certificates of death by the hospital’s former executive director of medical services, Dr Peter Renshaw.

Ms Duncan reported receiving 11 accounts from doctors and nurses disclosing alleged misconduct related to patient deaths, including falsified death certificates. She also reviewed over 55 coronial investigation reports relating to deaths at LGH and found discrepancies in two cases that were not reported to the coroner.

The inquiry also heard about a death in the LGH’s emergency department, where staff believed a coronial investigation was expected due to concerns about the cause of death documented on the medical certificate by Dr Renshaw.

These revelations highlight the need for thorough investigations and accountability in healthcare settings to ensure the highest standards of patient care and trust.

In conclusion, the allegations of misconduct at Launceston General Hospital underscore the critical need for transparency, accountability, and rigorous investigations in healthcare. The reported falsification of death certificates by a senior official raises serious ethical and legal concerns. These revelations serve as a stark reminder of the importance of trust and integrity in healthcare, reinforcing the need for stringent oversight mechanisms to uphold the highest standards of patient care.

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