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New Retinoid Molecule for Acne Treatment Now Available in the Philippines

Acne stands out as the prevailing skin concern in the Philippines, impacting more than 17 million individuals across various age groups. This common skin ailment, notorious for its painful and embarrassing nature, significantly influences self-esteem and relationships, especially among teenagers. Recent clinical studies have unearthed a noteworthy correlation: over 50 per cent of those grappling with facial acne also contend with its presence on their chest, shoulders, and back.

The Galderma Execom, featuring key figures like Khen Kon and Barby Razon-Buenaventura, recognises the substantial impact of acne on individuals’ lives. The extensive investment of time and resources by patients in cultivating proper hygiene habits and using treatment products underscores the earnest desire to overcome this dermatological challenge.

Fortuitously, effective and timely intervention can make a substantial difference. Given their expertise in offering safe and effective prescription options, seeking guidance from board-certified dermatologists is pivotal. One such innovative solution gaining traction is the Trifarotene cream.

This groundbreaking topical retinoid cream has demonstrated efficacy in addressing acne on the facial, shoulder, and back regions. By enhancing the skin’s cell turnover rate, Trifarotene inhibits the formation of new acne, presenting a promising avenue for those pursuing clearer skin.

The cream’s mechanism involves targeted action on the retinoic acid receptor gamma (RAR-γ), the predominant receptor in the skin. This focused approach diminishes inflammation and addresses key acne-causing factors.

A remarkable aspect is that Trifarotene marks the first retinoid molecule to secure FDA approval for acne treatment in more than 25 years. This achievement positions it as a safe and effective prescription option for acne on the face, back, chest, and shoulders.

Galderma, renowned for introducing well-loved skincare brands like Cetaphil and Benzac, now introduces Trifarotene to the Philippine market. This move solidifies the company’s standing as a trailblazer in dermatologist-recommended skincare solutions, with a commitment to innovation and effectiveness.

It’s crucial to note that Trifarotene will be available only through licensed healthcare practitioners, primarily dermatologists, catering to patients aged 12 and above. This development signifies a positive stride towards providing accessible and advanced solutions for individuals grappling with acne-related concerns.

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