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Epred Introduces SlideMate™ Laser in the U.S., Offering Advanced Precision Slide Printing for Pathology Labs

Epredia, a prominent figure in precision cancer diagnostics worldwide, has officially introduced the SlideMate™ Laser to the U.S. market, expanding its SlideMate portfolio of slide printers crucial in pathology laboratories for tracking and identifying tissue samples.

Tailored for clinical laboratories of all sizes, the SlideMate Laser from Epredia is a game-changer in sample traceability. Boasting 600-dpi laser printing on microscope slides, it empowers laboratories to incorporate more detailed information directly onto the slide tabs used in cancer diagnostics workflows. Notably, the technology can embed up to 50 characters in a barcode on each slide, a significant advancement compared to the 23 characters limit of traditional thermal transfer and inkjet technologies. This enhancement proves instrumental in both patient sample tracking and operational efficiency.

Furthermore, SlideMate Laser stands out in terms of efficiency by streamlining slide movements through the printer, minimizing potential downtimes in contrast to thermal transfer and ink jet counterparts. The elimination of the need for ink, bulb, or tape purchases for slide printers translates to lower operational costs. Offering both on-demand and batch printing options, SlideMate Laser seamlessly integrates into various workflows. The user-friendly software of the laser printer can be directly interfaced with a Laboratory Information System.

Epredia positions SlideMate Laser as the latest addition to its top-notch precision cancer diagnostics product and service lineup, ensuring a smooth end-to-end laboratory workflow. The company also provides specialized slides designed for use with SlideMate Laser, facilitating laboratories in transitioning seamlessly to precision laser printing. These slides include non-adhesion slides with Superfrost™ technology and adhesion slides with Superfrost PLUS™ technology, enhancing tissue adherence. Additionally, laboratories can choose from five different colours for slides, aiding in coordinating downstream activities.

Manufactured by Fa-Tech Diagnostics Italia SRL, a company acquired by Epredia’s parent company PHC Holdings Corporation in 2021, SlideMate Laser slides are produced in Epredia’s U.S. facility in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. This strategic move reinforces Epredia’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions in precision cancer diagnostics.

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