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Young Woman in China Tricked by Employer Into Taking Loan for Plastic Surgery

A woman in China recently shared a distressing experience, alleging that she fell into a job trap at a cosmetic surgery firm. She claims she was hired as a receptionist but was soon pressured by colleagues to undergo a nose job, leading to unexpected debt and workplace hostility. The woman, identified as Chen, joined the company in November with an initially promised salary of 4,100 yuan. She expressed surprise when interview questions veered towards her interest in cosmetic surgery, considering the nature of the company.

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However, post-contract signing, relentless pressure from two colleagues coerced Chen into considering cosmetic procedures, claiming it would elevate her career. Despite her financial constraints, they urged her to take out a loan for the surgery, pushing her towards a 25,000-yuan nose job, and setting a repayment plan over two years.

Chen lamented the swift progression of events, stating she felt compelled with no room to refuse. Upon her return post-surgery, the work environment soured. Her role shifted abruptly to a consultant, and she faced unwarranted criticism regarding her performance. She suspected the job offer might have been a ploy, later confirmed by negative online reviews, feeling the company baited her into debt and then found pretexts to dismiss her.

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Upon resignation, Chen discovered a salary discrepancy, only receiving 690 yuan for six days’ work instead of the promised 4,100 yuan. Feeling deceived and burdened by substantial debt, she expressed her determination to repay the loan gradually.

Online responses mirrored outrage, condemning the company’s deceitful tactics and exploitation of inexperienced graduates. Many expressed concerns about such unethical practices and called for thorough investigations into companies that manipulate and exploit job seekers.

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