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RTS plans Henrietta route change for improved access to the new orthopedics center

Beginning January 1st, residents and commuters in Henrietta will experience a revamped bus route courtesy of RTS, aimed at optimizing access to prominent workplaces in the area. The recalibration primarily focuses on Route 14 Marketplace, introducing modifications to accommodate the T-Mobile Call Center located on Clay Road within its trajectory. This adjustment seeks to enhance connectivity and streamline transportation services for individuals commuting to and from this significant workplace.

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Another substantial alteration involves the approach to Marketplace Mall. RTS buses will now access the mall through its east entrance, a strategic shift aimed at facilitating improved accessibility to the recently unveiled URMC Orthopedics and Physical Performance Center. This newly established facility, operational from this month onward, represents a vital addition to the area, prompting the adjustment in bus routes to ensure seamless transportation connections for individuals requiring access to this medical institution.

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Accompanying this route modification is the relocation of the bus stop. Previously positioned outside the mall’s food court, the bus stop will now be situated at the mall’s east entrance. This relocation has been strategically orchestrated to provide commuters with more direct and convenient access to transportation services, aligning with the overall objective of optimizing transit efficiency within the area.


The intended outcome of these alterations is twofold. Firstly, it aims to cater to the transportation needs of individuals employed at the T-Mobile Call Center, ensuring reliable and accessible commuting options. Secondly, it aims to cater to the growing demand for convenient transportation to the newly operational URMC Orthopedics and Physical Performance Center, recognizing the importance of seamless connectivity for patients and staff alike.

RTS’s proactive approach to reconfiguring the bus route underscores its commitment to addressing the evolving needs of the community. By strategically aligning transportation services with the shifting landscape of workplaces and facilities, RTS aims to provide an efficient and accessible public transit system that benefits both commuters and businesses in Henrietta.

This forward-thinking adjustment not only enhances transportation accessibility but also reflects RTS’s dedication to continually refining and optimizing its services to better serve the evolving demands of the local community. As a result, commuters can anticipate a more streamlined and convenient transit experience, fostering improved connectivity to vital destinations within Henrietta.

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