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Fortrea and Medidata join forces in a partnership aimed at advancing diversity within clinical trials

In the dynamic realm of medical research, diversity in clinical trials stands as a pivotal yet challenging goal. Addressing this, Fortrea, a leading global Contract Research Organization (CRO), has forged an innovative alliance with Medidata, a renowned life sciences software provider. Their collaboration aims to revolutionize patient inclusivity by employing Medidata’s AI Intelligent Trials program in Fortrea’s clinical trials, a move announced in a press release on November 20. Leveraging previous successful collaborations utilizing Medidata’s Rave EDC, this partnership is poised to seamlessly integrate diverse populations, as noted by Mark Morais, Fortrea’s COO. This endeavour signifies a critical step forward in advancing equitable representation in pivotal medical research endeavors.

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Previously, the companies worked together using Medidata’s Rave EDC, a secure electronic data capture system managing patient and lab data. Mark Morais, Fortrea’s COO and president of clinical services, noted, “Medidata’s data and interface capabilities will improve our capacity to seamlessly integrate diverse populations into the clinical trial process.”

Earlier this year, Labcorp rebranded its CRO division as Fortrea, now an independent publicly traded entity. With over 19,000 employees, Fortrea offers drug and medical device development services, including clinical trial management and commercialization solutions. The CRO division generated $3 billion in revenue in 2022, constituting approximately 15% to 20% of Labcorp’s central lab business.

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As the curtains rise on this groundbreaking collaboration between Fortrea and Medidata, the spotlight shines brightly on the future of clinical trials. The strategic utilization of Medidata’s cutting-edge AI Intelligent Trials program underscores an important shift towards inclusive medical research practices. Through seamless integration of diverse populations into clinical trials, Fortrea, now an independent entity after its rebranding from Labcorp, marks a transformative phase in advancing drug and medical device development. This collaboration not only signifies a milestone in advancing research inclusivity but also highlights the immense potential to drive innovation in the realm of healthcare solutions.

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