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Affinity for Breast Reconstruction Using Own Tissue Continues

The latest data confirms that many women undergoing breast reconstruction prefer using their own tissue. A recent study confirms this, as the patients were more satisfied with the results. 

A group from the Netherlands University Medical Center Groningen conducted the study.

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“The findings were unexpected since autologous breast reconstruction is a more complex procedure, with a higher rate of severe complications. It is possible that the differences in preoperative scores are not merely explained by the timing of reconstruction but it is also related to body type and related to self-perceived body image and body satisfaction,” says the authors of the study.

There were 63 women in the study who chose autologous reconstruction. The term autologous reconstruction implies using a patient’s own skin and the underlying tissues for the purpose. For comparison, 75 women were selected who preferred breast implants. 

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The quality of life of breast cancer survivors who choose these various alternatives for breast reconstruction following a mastectomy was compared by researchers.

At six weeks, women who used their own tissue showed higher levels of satisfaction compared to the other group. The level of satisfaction was assessed again at six months. The results were the same.

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