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France To Ban Disposable Vapes, Informs PM

Disposable vapes will soon be prohibited in France, according to Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, as part of a comprehensive anti-smoking strategy.

 Tobacco continues to be the risk factor contributing to the largest number of deaths and disabilities between 2009 and 2019.

One of the Western world’s highest smoking prevalence rates is in France. 

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Teenagers are drawn to disposable e-cigarettes because they typically have pleasant and delicious scents like pink lemonade, gummy bear, and watermelon and are thrown away once used. 

There is a law prohibiting the sale of electronic cigarette devices to those under 18. Also there is a prohibition on promoting or advertising such items.

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“It’s a reflex and a gesture that young people get used to. That’s how they get into smoking. The government would soon unveil its new plan to combat smoking, which is the cause of 75,000 deaths a year in the country. The government would soon present a new national plan to fight against smoking, in particular the prohibition of disposable electronic cigarettes, the famous ‘puffs’ which give bad habits to young people,” says the PM.

France is not the only country to implement the ban. They are considered for bans in some European nations. In Belgium, online sales are prohibited. Ireland is now holding a public consultation on the issue.

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