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Amputees Can Get Their Body Parts Back in Oregon

In an interesting turn of events, Oregon-based healthcare facilities can return amputated parts to patients. The bill with respect to this will be effective from Sept.24 

According to the new rule endorsed by tribes, cultural, spiritual, or religious grounds are acceptable justifications.

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Earlier, it was either difficult or totally impossible to return the body parts of an amputee. The removed parts were kept at the medical facilities

The belief that the whole body should be intact for a smooth transition to the world of spirits is deep-rooted among some native communities. In fact, many have opted not to undergo an amputation and ended up losing their life. 

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“In our spirituality, one of our sayings is ‘one body, one mind.’ When there’s amputation, most of our tribal members know that we need to be whole at the time of our leaving this world to the next. It has led to, unfortunately, the death of some of our people because they’ve chosen not to get an amputation, and “our community, the family of the deceased, had to live with that trauma of losing their loved one.” says Wilson Wewa, Leader, Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs spiritual.

About 80 tribal members were questioned last year to gather their thoughts on how state law could change by St Charles Health Care System. 

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