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Mediclinic Welcare Hospital partners with the Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences to provide a Urology Residency Program Clinical Placement

Mediclinic Middle East is a major academic and clinical teaching partner of the Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences (MBRU). The affiliation agreement includes both undergraduate and postgraduate medical education. Mediclinic Welcare Hospital is proud to be the first private hospital in the region to partner with the MBRU Postgraduate Medical Education to contribute to the training of the Urology Residency Program.

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The Urology Residency Program is a comprehensive five-year program offered under the Deanship of Postgraduate Medical Education at MBRU, part of Dubai Academic Health Corporation, Dubai’s first integrated academic health system. The program is based at Dubai Hospital and led by Dr Yaser Saeedi, the Program Director. The partnership with Mediclinic Welcare Hospital under the expert guidance of Consultant Urologist and Head of Department, Dr Salam Alhasani, will ensure residents are exposed to the added dimension of private healthcare in Mediclinic, a well-known private hospital entity in the UAE known for its commitment to high quality, patient-centred, and evidence-based medical care. In his capacity as the Site Program Director, Dr Salam Alhasani will lead the residency clinical placement at Mediclinic Welcare Hospital, in close collaboration with the Mediclinic Dubai team of highly qualified Urologists to ensure the residents gain valuable experience.

Dr. Johan Snygg, Medical Director at Mediclinic Welcare Hospital said: “We are delighted to partner with MBRU to provide aspiring urologists with a world-class medical education and practical experience at our state-of-the-art facilities. Mediclinic Welcare Hospital has a long-standing reputation for excellence in Urology, and this program will develop the next generation of highly skilled urologists to continue providing the highest quality care to patients in the UAE.”

Simon Wright, Dr. Johan Snygg, Dr. Tariq Abdul Hamid, Dr. Salam Alhasani, Dr. Paddy Kilian

Dr. Salam Alhasani, Mediclinic Urology Residency Site Program Director & Head of the Urology Department at Mediclinic Welcare Hospital has stated: “The word Doctor stems from the Latin word Docere, meaning To Teach. As doctors, it is our legacy to take ownership of the role that is inherent in our name. Investing in teaching and having trainees throughout the continuum and in patients’ wards, will improve patient care to a higher level. Mediclinic is committed to providing the population with the best standard of care, accordingly, we have initiated the Urology Residency Program.”

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“We are delighted to collaborate with Mediclinic Welcare Hospital to complement our Urology Residency Program. This partnership will ensure our residents gain valuable firsthand experience in a private healthcare setting, further enriching their training and preparing them to deliver exceptional patient care. We are confident that working closely with the Mediclinic’s team of urologists will contribute significantly to our residents’ professional development and help shape the future of urology in the region,” said Professor Sulaiman AlEmran, Dean of Postgraduate Medical Education at MBRU.

This partnership will provide Urology residents with advanced clinical training at all Mediclinic hospitals in Dubai, and exposure to all aspects of urology over the course of the five-year residency. Residents will receive training in areas such as general urology, endourology, laparoscopy, robotic surgery, oncology, andrology and reconstructive urology, and renal transplant.

The Urology Residency Program Placement at Mediclinic Welcare Hospital commenced on June 5, 2023, with the first resident, Dr. Tariq Abdul Hamid. Mediclinic Welcare Hospital has plans to expand the program to additional specialties based on the success and feedback from the initial launch.

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