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Lasik Eye Surgery: Are the Complications Higher Than Reports?

Lasik surgeries are frequent nowadays. A significant number of patients prefer LASIK over other options. About 5,00,000 U.S residents undergo Lasik to correct their vision, say latest surveys.

The data also confirm consumer satisfaction rate is around 90% to 92%. Those with higher qualifications in Ophthalmology usually perform Lasik surgeries. Also, the procedures are advanced compared to their earlier versions. 

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Although 30% of patients may experience temporary side effects, including dry eyes, after the surgery, the American Refractive Surgery Council claims the technique’s complication rate is less than 1%.

The procedure has drawn significant criticism from industry experts as well. However, post-surgery complications can be much more than what is publicized. The most common complications include dry eyes, pain, double vision, night-time vision problems, etc.

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Some people will still require eyeglasses following surgery. According to The New York Times, the draft also mentions that patients who take particular drugs and those with chronic diseases like diabetes may be at increased risk for issues.

“All we’re asking for is balance. This document mainly emphasizes the dangers and complications of LASIK, with no mention of the advantages. The tone is negative enough that it will scare patients. Yet, more than 90 percent of patients in the FDA studies were satisfied because they were achieving good vision without spectacles, which is the goal of most patients,” says, Vance Thompson, M.D., incoming VP, American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery.

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