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Tinnitus; Could Covid or Its Vaccine Be the Cause?

Since its onset, the corona virus pandemic and its related aspects have been the topic of several discussions. There has been no shortage of rumors regarding its causes, possible links, and aftermaths. Initially, the world was confused about dealing with the disease, discovering medicine, and all other aspects.

Later, the vaccines arrived. There were several rumors about the possible effects of the vaccine. Today, years later, the vaccine is presumably linked to tinnitus, commonly called ‘ringing in the ears.’

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Tinnitus, frequently called ringing in the ears, may also produce ‘phantom’ noises.

Researchers are investigating whether there may be a connection between the vaccination and the tinnitus, thousands of people have experienced after taking it. Since persons got the COVID-19 vaccine, the CDC has received 16,500 reports of tinnitus as of April 14.

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Medical experts also suggest that persisting Covid could be a trigger. Sometimes, the immune system reacts in strange ways as a response to fighting a long illness. For example, ringing in the ears could be a symptom. 

“Tinnitus is a prominent symptom in many people with long COVID and those with vaccine-associated conditions. We are seeking to bring together many people with this symptom and hope we can learn together what might be the cause – on the path toward evidence-based strategies to help these people,” says Dr. Harlan Krumholz, Cardiologist at Yale University.

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