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Daily Intake of Blueberries Could Improve Heart Health

Blueberries, if consumed effectively, can positively impact heart health, says a new study. The study also hints at the possibility of improving brain health as well.

The study was able to find that blueberry anthocyanins are capable of enhancing cerebral and vascular blood flow. These two functions are needed for healthy cognitive function. 

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Sixty-one healthy Britons between the ages of 65 and 80 made up the study’s male and female subjects. Over 12 weeks, half drank a beverage every day containing 26 g of freeze-dried wild blueberry powder. In contrast, the other half ingested an identical placebo regarding flavor, appearance, macronutrients, fiber, and vitamin C.

Dr. Rodriguez-Mateos and co-author Dr. Claire Williams focused actively on the effect of blueberries on the brain and heart separately. Finally, they found that the results were almost the same. So, they decided to conduct a clinical study on the effect together in one study. So the study took place.

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Although the study showed that blueberries increased cerebral and vascular blood flow, they observed no difference between those who consumed the fruit and the placebo group in arterial stiffness or blood cholesterol levels. However, when blood flow is increased, both heart and brain health are benefited.

According to the experts, the blue pigments called anthocyanins in blueberries are what give them their health-promoting propertiesTrusted Source. The study’s daily intake of powdered wild blueberries comprised 302 mg of anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are also present in other sources. Also, these sources can improve heart and brain health. 

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