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Abortion Trafficking Bill Is Now Law in Idaho

A bill that makes it unlawful for an adult to assist a youngster in getting an abortion without parental approval was signed into law by Idaho Gov. Brad Little.

A person found guilty of breaking the law could be sentenced to two to five years in prison and face legal action from the minor’s guardian or parent.

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Idaho is one of 13 states that already effectively prohibit abortion at all stages of pregnancy. But unfortunately, it is also one of a select few states with laws that punish those who assist anyone, regardless of age, in getting an abortion.

The Idaho Supreme Court rejected a lawsuit by Planned Parenthood to the state’s abortion legislation on January 5, 2023, finding that the Idaho Constitution does not grant a right to an abortion.

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If the legislation passes both legislative chambers, Idaho may become the first state in the nation to criminally prosecute people who assist pregnant adolescents in obtaining an abortion outside of their condition without parental authorization.

“We have the authority, obligation, and opportunity to establish criminal laws in Idaho and take those acts in Idaho. That’s what we’re saying is a crime,” says Republican Sen. Todd Lakey.

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