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North Carolina to Extend Medicaid

North Carolina is all set to expand Medicaid. 

North Carolina is expected to be the latest among the states to consider expanding Medicaid eligibility as part of the Affordable Care Act.

North Carolina’s Medicaid expansion approaches recently received a significant boost. Yesterday, Republican leaders agreed to increase the safety net program’s enrollment to almost 600,000 people. 

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Unlike many other states, North Carolina didn’t expand Medicaid under the 2010 Act. As a result, low-income households and providers in North Carolina have waited more than ten years for Medicaid expansion.

“At a time when we need access to care more than ever in these parts of our state, especially when I think about mental health and the importance of primary care, they’re closing because just like any other business when three to four out of 10 people who walk through your front door don’t have a way to pay, you can’t stay open,” Kody Kinsley, Secretary of Health and Human Services, North Carolina.

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Financial considerations are a significant factor in rural hospitals closing or reducing services. Expanded Medicaid may lessen the uncompensated care burden on providers, enhancing hospital cash flow.

The federal Hospital Access and Stabilization Program, abbreviated as HASP, which offers increased Medicaid reimbursements to financially troubled hospitals, is a crucial part of North Carolina’s Medicaid expansion strategy. 

Republican leaders informed the state’s Democratic governor of their plan after announcing the agreement in a news conference.

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