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Can Exosuits Be A Viable Alternative to Exoskeletons?

Exosuits or Soft Robotic Wearable Devices can be a viable alternative to exoskeletons, says a new analysis. In addition, exosuits are a perfect option for offering daily upper limb support and encouragement. 

In fact, the exosuits can offer some advantages. Exosuits are flexible by default and extend higher portability, use, and comfort levels. Moreover, the freedom of mobility of users of exosuits is maintained perfectly.

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Although rigid exoskeletons can provide good trajectory tracking, they have a number of drawbacks. They are bulky and heavy, and the system’s inertia is affected.

The rigid links restrict natural movements. Further, they may only be affordable for some. Even a minor misalignment causes massive interference in the limb’s physiological movements. The aesthetic quality could be better.

The applicability of exoskeletons beyond the clinical environment needs improvement. 

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Soft robotic devices are being viewed as a valid alternative. Robotic suits are without rigid links and are mostly made using soft materials. 

Assistive technology may enable the patient to participate in different activities, which is crucial from a psychological and social standpoint. Exosuits may redefine the future of assistive devices.

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