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Bird Flu Is A Threat Again in the U.S, Nation Cant Ignore Possibility of Human Infection

The bird flu could again surface as a significant health threat, says the United States Department of Agriculture. 

The organization says the avian influenza virus has been found in mammals—part of the infected mammals include raccoons, bears, red foxes, and skunks. Most of these infections probably result from animal consumption of an infected bird.

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The virus and, in turn, bird flu had spread extensively. What is worrying is the possibility of mammalian infection. Medical science can’t ignore the likelihood of the virus contracting humans.

The CDC has informed that, as of now, the bird flu primarily remains an animal-centric disease. 

People are also curious whether the eggs/meat available for purchase could lead to an infection. However, bird flu is hardly a foodborne disease. Therefore, Eggs and other beef available for sale are safe for consumption

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“If this virus has mammalian adaption and can transmit between mammals, humans are immunologically naive, and humans are mammals. “informs Jürgen Richt, professor, and director, of the Center on Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases, Kansas State University.

Bird has had a destructive impact so far in the nation. Since the early months of 2022, around 49 million birds have died in 46 states via exposure to infected birds.

Also, many birds were killed due to contracting the bird flu virus.

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