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Corona Virus, Non-existent in Humans, Is Now Present in Deer

News coming out of the medical world is that some variants of the corona virus that were earlier significant but have stopped spreading now could be a threat to deer.

The findings are the result of a recent study conducted on deer. The study was organized by scientists from Cornell University, New York. The prolonged investigation took place between 2020 to 2022. Around 5,700 lymph node samples were collected from deer in the states.

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“One of the most striking findings of this study was the detection of co-circulation of three variants of concern — Alpha, Gamma, and Delta — in this wild animal population,” explains Diego Diel, professor at Cornell, in a University news release.

Further details of the study say the virus had begun undergoing mutation. This indicates that the virus has been transmitted in the animal for a while.

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The next step is gathering details on the possibility of the virus being a long-standing issue. The opportunity or the extent of the spread has also to be verified. As of now, it is not known whether the virus is contagious to other wildlife as well.

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