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Around 45% of all American Children Face Vulnerability to Dental Caries, Says the AAP

The AAP, the American Academy of Pediatrics says by age 19, more than 45% of all American children experience tooth decay (dental caries). The AAP is worried about these statistics and takes all efforts to improve the scenario. The AAP has published and updated a clinical report titled ‘Maintaining and Improving the Oral Health of Young Children, available in 2023 Pediatrics 

The report is titled “Maintaining and Improving the Oral Health of Young Children’. 

“Pediatricians can help parents learn to prevent tooth decay in their children from the time they are infants, even before the first tiny teeth emerge. Families can instill good habits early by never putting a child to bed with a bottle, avoiding sugary drinks, and serving as role models by brushing and flossing regularly,” informs David M. Krol, MD, MPH, FAAP, lead author. 

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The report also includes preventive measures for children of various age- groups to improve their oral health. Some frequent risk factors include a diet containing high sugar, occasional snacking, and so on. 

The AAP places a huge emphasis on the importance of fluoride. Flouride is important, especially for those who couldn’t receive early or continuous dental care. 

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Most bottled waters fail to provide an adequate amount of fluoride. The other common sources of fluoride include rinses or tubes of toothpaste containing fluoride. These can help prevent or deal with tooth decay. Dentists can also apply fluoride vanish twice or thrice annually. The practice can help prevent tooth decay as the risk of contracting the illness is considerably less. 

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