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2022 Was A Record-Transplant Year for the Mayo Clinic Transplant Program, with More than 50 Transplants

The Mayo Clinic Lung Transplant Program has been functional since 1990. The program has helped numerous patients with advanced illnesses. The program also enhances referral to waitlist decision efficiency and robust survival and promotes growth and patient satisfaction outcomes. 

The current year was quite significant for the transplant program. Throughout the year, more than 50 lung transplants were conducted as part of the program. This is a record number as far as the previous years are concerned. Once a patient is finalized for a transplant, they are frequently contacted and counseled. Surgeons, pulmonologists, and nurse coordinators get involved in the process. Utmost care is taken to ensure that deterioration is avoided and any delays in transplant are prevented. 

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Transplants are a complicated process and involve extensive medical tests, and it is essential to remain fit and be without any pre-conditions such as obesity. Therefore, pre-transplant interventions are leveraged to help patients achieve candidacy. 

Per the SRTR approach, or the National Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients’s reporting period from 2019 January 1 to 2021 June 30, the one-year survival rate was 100%. Therefore, the expected survival is around 90.8%. At the national level, the predicted survival is about 89.5 %.

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Other reports guarantee the Mayo clinic program is quite successful. For instance, the Press Ganey survey reports confirm that more than 90% of lung disease-affected patients are satisfied with the care provided as part of the program. They also recommend the program at the Rochester, Minnesota-based Mayo Clinic. 

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