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White House Says Ending the Military Vaccine Mandate Via Legislation in Congress A Mistake

In a recent statement, White House officials clearly said it was a mistake to end the military vaccine mandate via must-pass legislation in congress. However, there needs to be more clarity on whether Biden will veto the bill. 

Karine Jean-Pierre, Press Secretary to the White House, said it would be a mistake to repeal the policy. Officially called the National Defense Authorization Act, the bill has recently been of interest to the U.S. There was a Republican-led conscious attempt to repeal the vaccine. Later, democrats compromised, and the repeal was permitted to be included in the must-pass defense legislation in congress. 

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“What we think happened here is Republicans in Congress have decided that they’d rather fight against the health and well-being of our troops than protect them. And we believe it is a mistake what we saw on the NDAA as it relates to the vaccine mandate. Making sure our troops are prepared and ready for service is a priority for President Biden – the vaccination requirement for COVID does just that, “ informs Jean Pierre. However, her statetement didn’t share any information on the President vetoing 

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Last week, some Republican senators conducted a press conference on the topic. They pledged to withhold votes for the NDAA unless the policy was rolled back.

The mandate has always been in the news since its adoption, and there were some legal challenges from states led by the Republicans.

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