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FUJIFILM Introduces New Medical Imaging Advances

FUJIFILM, or the FUJIFILM Healthcare Americas Corporation, is an enterprise imaging and diagnostic solutions provider. The firm has introduced a range of the latest medical technology advancements with respect to medical imaging solutions. These were presented at the RSNA annual meeting (Radiological Society of North America), conducted in Chicago.

One of the recent features is the D-Evo III G80i. It is the world’s long-length detector with the patented ISS by FUJIFILM. The other feature is the Hydro AG antibacterial coating. The most beneficial use of the sensor will be in pediatric sections in hospitals where tests such as leg procedures, spine, or scoliosis are conducted. The detector is now available. 

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The other advancements exhibited at the conference include ‘Women’s Health with FUJIFILM’s ASPIRE Cristalle mammography system .’ The concept behind the Cristalle mammography system is to make mammography a comfortable experience. The recent comfort comp feature reduces compression without notable changes to compression breast thickness or the glandular dose. 

“When healthcare professionals are trying to diagnose medical conditions, imaging can provide a more accurate picture of what is happening inside the patient’s body. In addition, the detailed images from these scans show doctors where damage or abnormalities are, making it critical that they use the best equipment,” informs Henry Izawa, president and CEO of FUJIFILM Healthcare Americas Corporation.”

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The other feature is the ‘Artificial Intelligence with Boneview.’ It is an FDA-cleared AI application produced by GLEAMER. FUJIFILM distributes it. It is designed to help clinicians in detecting orthopedic fractures. The product leverages advanced algorithms to identify and localize fractures for adults. (The ideal age is 21 years or older). 

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