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Exposure to Chemicals During Pregnancy Can Have Far-Reaching Complications

According to a new study, pregnant women are exposed to different types of chemicals during pregnancy. The sources of chemical exposure are many, including dish bars, detergents or pesticides, plastic, and so on. 

The effect of these chemicals on expecting women could be more severe than we ever imagined. Medical experts hint at possibilities like increased chances of cancer or improper development of the fetus. 

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The study focused on 171 pregnant women, shockingly, the presence of harmful chemicals applied to almost all the women. The spotted chemicals include Melamine, cyanuric acid ( a major byproduct of Melamine), and aromatic amines.

As the exposure is likely through objects used daily, the possibility of exposure can be a serious concern. 

For the research, 45 chemicals usually associated with cancer were focused on. The women participants belonged to a diverse range who were associated with the ‘U.S National Institute of Health.’ In addition, the women were part of the institute’s Environmental Influences On Child Health Outcomes Program.’

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The exposure can occur through the air, ingestion, or using products that have plastic, pigments, and dyes. Therefore, it is evident that controlling the possibility of infection is a challenging task. 

“These chemicals are of serious concern due to their links to cancer and developmental toxicity, yet they are not routinely monitored in the United States,” says Tracey Woodruff, a researcher at the University of California.

Regulatory actions are required urgently. The U.S Government has to act quickly as the current monitoring for these chemicals must be more efficient. 

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