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A Same-day New Test Can Help Assess the Health of the Foetus

Pregnant women can leverage the benefits of an inexpensive and new test to rule out the possibilities of genetic problems in developing fetuses. Genetic issues are known to cause miscarriage or a history of miscarriage. 

A new and inexpensive same-day test could help pregnant women learn if their developing fetus has genetic problems that increase their risk of miscarriage. It is an easy, same-day test. 

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The test STORK, in medical terms, can detect abnormalities in chromosomes, be it an increase or decrease. Moreover, the test is faster than most other tests. Furthermore, the results can be obtained on the same day. Yet another positive aspect is that the test can be conducted at a hospital or clinic, whereas many similar tests require the samples to be sent elsewhere. It is also comparatively cheaper, with a total cost of less than $50 if a definite number of pieces are analyzed simultaneously. ( less than $50 per sample). If a model is diagnosed, the price wouldn’t be more than $200. 

The STORK test expanded as The Short-read Transpore Rapid Karyotyping test can be leveraged to analyze embryos created through in vitro fertilization before implantation. 

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Genetic deficiencies can often lead to miscarriages. Therefore, tests similar to STORK are recommended chiefly in case of a frequent or significant history of miscarriage. However, STORK can be conducted even after a single miscarriage. 

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