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UTI Infections: Dissolving Vaccine Tablet Equally Effective As Antibiotics

Medical researchers have recently introduced a ‘sublingual vaccine tablet’ for UTI (Urinary Tract Infections) patients. The tablet appeared to be equally effective as antibiotics during the trials involving animals. Furthermore, there were no harmful effects on the gut microbiome.

More studies are needed and expected to confirm its impact on humans. However, the medical world is hopeful that the vaccine may have a similar effect on humans and could be easily used identically to antibiotics. 

“We designed mucus-penetrating peptide-polymer nanofibers to enable sublingually (under the tongue) vaccine delivery and elicit antibody responses systemically and in the urogenital tract. In a mouse model of UTI, we demonstrate equivalent efficacy to high-dose oral antibiotics but with significantly less perturbation of the gut microbiome. We also formulate our vaccine as a rapid-dissolving sublingual tablet that raises response in mice and rabbits”, says the officially published version of the study in Science Advances.

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Trials conducted in mice had improved symptoms, and the chances of survival increased with urosepsis. Urosepsis is a severe condition that, if left unattended, could even lead to life-threatening infections.

In-depth research is going on in the field of UTIs and their treatment. UTI is a common problem among women across the world. Unfortunately, a significant percentage of them suffer from recurrent UTIs. Recurrent UTIs are treated with long-term antibiotics. However, over time, the disease-causing microbe can be resistant to the commonly used antibiotics. 

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As a direct impact, the next occurrence of UTI becomes tough to treat. The other cause of microbial resistance is the irregular or inappropriate prescription of antibiotics.

It is time to go beyond existing options, including antibiotics, in the treatment of UTIs.

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