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Hearts From Covid Positive Donors Could Be Safe and Effective for Transplants

Coronavirus-positive donor hearts could be effectively and safely leveraged for transplant. In addition, the probability of adverse short-term effects is significantly less. 

“We found that patients receiving hearts from COVID-19-positive donors experienced similar rates of death in the hospital and at 30 days following transplantation, as well as similar rates of complications such as graft failure and lung complications,” informs Samuel T.Kim, B.A., medical student, David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA.

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A team of researchers comprising Kim and colleagues presented the data related to covid-19 positive heart donors and heart transplants. The data is based on the outcomes of 1st 110 covid-19 positive heart donor transplants in the U.S.

 “We found preliminary evidence based on national data that COVID-19-positive donor hearts may be safely and effectively used for heart transplantation without adverse short-term effects,” continues Kim.

During the study period, the use of coronavirus-positive donor hearts increased. The majority of the transplants were reported in the Midwest, Mid–Atlantic, and Southeast U.S., according to the results. Short-term complications were less in the patients who received coronavirus-positive hearts.

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There need to be more credible insights on the safety of corona-positive heart donors. The study is the first of its kind. The researchers have confirmed that the study’s findings came as a surprise. Presumably, the adverse effects of the coronavirus on the human body would make it a less-preferred donor. Yet, the study proved it wrong.

Also, there has to be more information on the long-term effects of heart transplantations from corona-positive donors.

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