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The Worldwide Health App Market will Be Worth $125 Billion in 2028

Healthcare has been making steady progress when it comes to embracing technology in its core aspects. The worldwide health app market will be worth about $125 billion by 2028. 

The global health app market will hit a whopping $125 billion by 2028. However, the market was worth only about $2.4 billion in 2017. 

Although the healthcare sector has been incorporating technology into different sectors, the reliance on technology became even more apparent and crucial during the days of the pandemic.

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As per a report by HIMMS Future, around 80% of healthcare providers are actively considering more investments in innovative healthcare technologies and digital solutions over conventional methods. This trend is going to boost the health tech sector in the upcoming years. 

As per recent surveys, around 60% of Americans over 65 are more comfortable with virtual treatments than traditional methods, especially for long-term conditions. 

Besides remote healthcare, the following technologies are going to be noteworthy for the current and future health tech industry:

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Remote health care

Internet of Medical Things (smart wearable, beds, automated temperature readers, etc.)


Augmented reality

Virtual reality

Renewable technology

Service business models

Technology-equipped container strainers

Predictive analysis, and


Healthcare software is currently without tough competition as the process of healthcare software development process is quite complex. However, several large organizations have already invested in the health tech sector. 

Consumer and patient expectations of healthcare are constantly altering. As a result, future health systems will have to extend increasingly equitable, scalable, and highly accessible care.

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