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Adding More Men to the Struggling U.S Nursing Workforce Is a Trending Option

The U.S is still struggling with its persistent problem, the shortage of nurses. The country has been facing it for more than a decade. The nation is aware that the problem is expected to continue into the remaining years of the 2020s. As various aspects get into the process of addressing the shortage, there is a particular focus on alternative options. Robotics deserves special mention here. Robots are already taking over some of the functions of nurses. Similarly, expanding the workforce is another option by increasing the presence of male nurses.

There has been a noteworthy increase in the number of male nurses in the strained U.S nurse force.

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As per last year’s data, around 13% of the total 3.2 billion registered nurses in the U.S are men. However, if you go further, from 2011, there has been only a slow increase in the number of male nurses. 

Of course, there has to be more effort toward increasing male nurses in the U.S. However, the industry observers assured that this move would help address the staff shortage and deal with the stressful post-pandemic situation. 

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“Men have been historically underrepresented in the nursing profession, and the nursing workforce should reflect the patient population. Encouraging more men to enter the nursing profession can help address the current nursing shortage crisis by not only increasing the quantity of nurses, but also the quality of patient care. More men in nursing provides a more diverse group of health care providers and advocates for patients across all genders and ethnic and racial backgrounds,” feels Ernest Grant, president American Nurses Association. “

Our intention is not to say that the covid-19 has directly fueled an increase in the number of men interested in nursing. However, the public attention or the profession’s role in ensuring the speedy recovery of covid-19 patients has attracted more men toward the profession. 

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