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Sodium Thiosulfate Likely to Be Widely Used in Treating Chemo-induced or Related Hearing Loss in Children

After FDA approval, Sodium Thiosulfate could be widely used in the treatment of chemo-related hearing loss in children suffering from cancer. 

Specifically, the drug can be leveraged for kids, adolescents, and infants undergoing chemotherapy using the drug Cisplatin.

Sodium thiosulfate is the first-ever FDA-sanctioned treatment option poised to reduce the possibility of hearing loss in kids undergoing chemotherapy using Cisplatin. Medical experts also say that the drug is also best for any possible damage to the inner ear during the chemo.

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Here is what Lisa L. Cunningham, Ph.D., Scientific director , National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, had to say about the new approval “The approval is excellent news for children with cancer and their families. Cisplatin is an effective cancer treatment, but it causes permanent hearing loss in up to 75% of children who receive it. 


Cisplatin has been used to treat different types of cancers in adults and children. Despite its effectiveness, the drug may cause damage to the ear structure or partial hearing loss in some cases. Yet, children could be more vulnerable. What happens is that Cisplatin gets accumulates in the inner parts of the ear, eventually causing significant damage or hearing loss. Comprehensive data on the use of Cisplatin and its side effects confirm that the medicine shows high chances for hearing-related side effects.

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Hearing loss in children can have short-term and long-term consequences as they grow up. Learning disabilities, personality, and development issues are the most common impacts among them.

The FDA approval covers children and young adolescents between the age of 1 and 18.

Doctors view the new approval as a great opportunity to prevent common side effects. It is expected that the approval will have a positive impact on hundreds of patients on a yearly basis. 


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