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Majority of U.S Citizens Want Governing Authorities to Guarantee They Get Chemical-free Products

A new study confirms that most U.S Citizens require government authorities to ensure the products they receive are free from harmful chemicals. In fact, customers are willing to spend more money on quality products.

The survey included about 1,200 U.S citizens and was carried out between 25th May to 5th June 2022.

A Toxic Substance Control Act makes it easy to control or totally ban harmful chemicals that otherwise could negatively impact pregnant women, people living near factories, and so on. The Act was supported by about 89% of voters, and about 56% of them strongly supported the Act. 

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The survey participants were apprehensive about almost all the chemicals discussed in the study. However, they were worried about the products they ate, breathed in, or drank. However, a lack of awareness about rules regarding controlling chemicals was evident throughout the survey. 

At a time when most issues are politically polarized, the issue of keeping people safe from harmful chemicals finds widespread agreement among Democrats, Republicans, and Independent voters,” says Celinda Lake, president of Lake Research Partners, which conducted the survey.

More than 90% of the survey participants agreed that the American government should ensure thorough screening of products for any harmful chemicals. In fact, they need to be proven safe before market approval. 

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Around 93% of participants agreed, and about 62% strongly suggested that enterprises have to focus more on getting rid of hazardous chemicals from consumer products. 

People have improved their knowledge of the rules regarding monitoring and controlling chemicals, and they know that not all the products they consume are as safe as they thought. The most important feature to notice here is the support shown by the public toward the government for efforts towards ensuring the safety of the products. 

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