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Microbots: The Future of Medical Robotics?

Robotics has unexpectedly ascended to the top as an integral part of today’s medical world. They offer assistance across critical functions to medical professionals. Moreover, the in-depth research in the sector indicates a promising future for ‘robotics as part of medical technology.’ 

The discussions on the involvement of robots would not be complete without the Microbots. Plenty of research has been happening with regard to microbots for quite some time. 

A simple definition of microbots would be ‘microscopic robots that are designed to travel through our bodies to carry out repairs of different types.’ Microbots can be as small as a tiny human cell.

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A device of this size is incapable of causing any harm to the human tissue or other possible side effects. So, in the form of Microbots, we have a tiny and convenient device that can easily travel through our body and can often function as an alternative to conventional surgeries. Besides, the common side effects of surgeries are mostly eliminated. And many scientists are of the opinion that these microbots would one day be prescribed instead of some of the present-day pharmaceuticals.

Besides, the interest in microbots is shown by several countries. Looking at the kind of research happening in the sector, it wouldn’t be possible to say when a microbot would be part of the day-to-day medical world. What is certain is that it may take some time, but the impact of microbots on the overall medicine sector would be tremendous. Once readily available, the technology’s most desirable outcome will be faster healing time post-procedure. In fact, the overall process of surgery and post-surgery healing would be comparatively painless.

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The future uses of microbots may include:

  • Identifying certain tumors in the body as they traverse through
  • Clearing clots from arteries
  • Identifying an unknown bacterial infection
  • Treating certain medical conditions like hypothermia
  • Biomaterial removal
  • Injections

Medical microbots may be an old concept with a comprehensive history of about 30 years but what propelled the surge are the recent experiments and advances in semiconductor manufacturing. 

The microbots utilize MEMS devices (microelectromechanical systems). The history of MEMS can be traced back to the 1990S. 

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