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Exo-skeleton, the Impact on Medical World?

Exo-skeletons are examples of what medical robots are capable of doing. In simple words, exo-skeletons have proven themselves in the process of healing and is also gaining traction across a wide range off medical sectors.

How do they work?

Robotic exoskeletons function as an external or, say, an alternative set of muscles and bones. Robotics is being used to train the patient’s body for proper movements. 

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Exoskeletons are capable of ensuring that the patients who have been deprived of their mobility due to various reasons are capable of regaining the trait.

They are placed on the patient’s body as per the requirements. Once placed on the body, they function as amplifiers that reinforce or augment natural movements or human performance.

On the contrary, mechanical prosthetics used in medicine like robotics legs or arms are a perfect replacement for the original human body section. 

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The U.S is encountering a severe shortage of trained nurses across the nation. The scenario places extreme importance on other methods that can be used as a replacement for nurses. Exo-skeletons and other medical robots can fill the gap to a great extent.

Let’s consider an upper-body exoskeleton that can offer tremendous support to nurses in the manual handling of patients. With the presence of exoskeletons, it would be possible for nurses to move patients around safely and safeguard their shoulder, neck, back, and spine muscles. 

Besides making the whole process of extending extreme medical care accessible and hassle-free, exoskeletons, while in use, are also able to reduce stress among nursing staff. 

The Future

The future appears to be quite exciting for these medical robots.

Exoskeletons have gained massive importance across many areas, including orthopedics and neurology. The research and analysis on these are expected to continue in the years to come. 

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