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Nursing Robots, The Next Noteworthy Trend in Healthcare?

Nursing robots can be an area of immense significance for the medical world, especially for the U.S.

The nation has been trying to tackle a critical issue, a significant shortage of nurses. In fact, the problem is hardly recent and has been around since 2012. Yet, the reality is that the U.S has been unable to fill the gap adequately. It is 2022, and the gap is still evident.

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Even more alarming is that industry experts hint at the possibility of a shortage of nursing staff continuing beyond 2030.

The enormity of the situation demands immediate action plans. However, it requires a comprehensive approach instead of focusing on merely one aspect. 

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Many experienced nurses are almost near their retirement age. First, a massive retirement may lead to a sudden void in the nursing section. Besides, this may lead to a shortage of qualified nursing faculty.

Reports also confirm many nurses are attracted to other professions that are less strenuous.

So, a multi-faceted approach is what can tackle the situation.

Alternative options have also emerged. Medical robots surface as the best example. Here, nursing robots may be a reliable option.

Nursing robots are already helping teams that are short of nursing staff. The essential medical care functions, such as checking your vitals and administering injections, are usually taken care of by qualified nurses. Although these are crucial functions, the increase in patients, especially in the old-age group, has led to a high inflow of work. The nursing robots carry out many such tasks and take the pressure off the nursing staff.

For instance, consider a Venipuncture Robot. Such a robot can ideally produce 3D images of a patient’s arms to locate a vein. 

Robot-assisted medical care enhances the overall patient engagement as well. 

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