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The Proclaim Plus Spinal Cord Stimulator by Abbott Secures FDA Approval

Abbott’s Proclaim Plus spinal cord stimulator is the sixth to be approved since 2015 in the pain management space. The approval is quite significant for medical professionals and healthcare services involved in pain management. However, it wouldn’t be wrong to conclude that pain management was quite a non-happening sector, with only six approvals since 2015. 

Of course, there have been several attempts, especially in the last decade, to tackle pain with non-opioid drugs. But, such efforts hardly met any success. 

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Chronic pain is a significant cause of why people visit doctors. The total cost to the nation is approximately $635 billion every year with respect to disability, healthcare, and lost productivity expenses.

The new Spinal Cord Stimulator extends next-gen stimulation therapy. As a result, physicians now have an option to treat multi-site and highly severe pain

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The SCS system is built on the firm’s proprietary, BurstDR stimulation therapy. The BurstDR stimulation mimics the human brain’s natural patterns to enable superior pain relief. 

The SCS system is also perfectly combined with the NeroSphere Virtual Clinic, another contribution by Abbott. The NeroSphere Virtual Clinic makes effective remote care possible between patients and their medical practitioners from the comfort of their homes. 

The SCS system comes with a battery with high durability of 10 years. So, it is almost free of recharge. 

“With its ability to mimic natural patterns found in the brain, the Abbott BurstDR platform has been a game-changer in this space, helping to not only improve a patient’s ability to perform everyday activities but also relieve the emotional suffering§ that pain can cause. However, despite the many benefits of BurstDR, such as being effective as a low-energy stimulation therapy, some patients continue to be burdened by pain because of multiple painful areas and evolving pain over time. Now, with Proclaim Plus and FlexBurst360, an already established platform has been improved to treat more patients who suffer from pain across different body parts and changing pain over time.” These are the words of Steven Falowski, M.D. from Argires Marotti Neurosurgical Associates of Lancaster.

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